Rokuhōdō Yotsuiro Biyori Manga Inspired Live-Action TV Drama

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2021)

Yu Shimizu’s “Kaede-do Yotsuiro Hiyori” will be made into a TV drama. Starring Nozomu Kotaki ( Johnny’s WEST ), it will be broadcast in the “Oshidora Saturday” frame of 24 TV Asahi stations from January 2022.

Rokuhōdō Yotsuiro Biyori Manga Inspired Live-Action TV Drama

“Rokuhodo” is an old folk house-style Japanese-style coffee shop in a corner of the city, Rokuhodo. A story about four young people, Tsubaki and Gure, who are in charge of coffee, growing up through interaction with people who visit with worries and loneliness. It was serialized in Monthly Comic Bunch (Shinchosha), and a TV anime was also broadcast in 2018. Shimizu, the original author, said in the drama, “I heard that Mr. Kotaki will play the owner Sui, and I was happy that it fits the atmosphere very well. How do you live with your friends, face customers, and muffle cats? I’m really looking forward to it. “

In this drama, Kotaki plays the role of Sui, the owner of Kaede-do, who loves the signboard cat Kinako. Kotaki, who read the original, said, “It’s dangerous enough to get fat if you see it in the middle of the night (laughs), and I thought it was a really fun work with lots of delicious rice and sweets. There are a lot of things that can happen in your immediate surroundings that you can’t think of as someone else’s affairs, such as overlapping yourself with the characters. As for the drama, he said, “I’m still feeling excited and excited about choosing glasses through my kimono and sleeves and saying,’It’s about to start …’, but the number one in 2022 is” I think it will be a healing rice terrorist drama. “


  • Original: “Kesuke Shibata Yotsuiro Hiyori” / Original: Yu Shimizu (serialized in “Monthly Comic Bunch” by Shinchosha)
  • Screenplay: Yoko Izumisawa
  • General Producer: Yumiko Miwa (TV Asahi)
  • Producer: Sari Kijima (TV Asahi), Shuhei Toshi (Johnny’s Office), Yasuyuki Niino (Zafuru), Risa Hikita (Zafuru)
  • Director: Yuki Saito, Keisuke Shibata, Eriko Sato
  • Production cooperation: Zafur
  • Production work: TV Asahi, Jay Storm


  • Sui / HigashikyokuKyo water: Small TakiNozomi

In addition, the script of the drama is Yoko Izumisawa of “Rikokatsu”, and the director is Yuki Saito of “Ossans Love” and “If I’d Kiss At That Time”. The theme song is Johnny’s WEST’s new song “Reimei”. From January 2022, broadcast every Saturday from 23:30 to 24:00 on TV Asahi’s 24 stations “Oshidora Saturday”.


Source – Comic Natalie

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