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Rose and Killer Manga Wraps Up in 3rd Volume

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2023)

On August 25, the second compiled volume of Nozomi Mino’s manga “Rose and Killer” (Bara to Koroshiya) revealed an anticipated conclusion with its third volume scheduled for a January 2024 release.

The storyline follows Ari, a young girl who witnesses the brutal murder of her parents and becomes the target of hired killers. In her desperate flight, she encounters Kei Bishin, a skilled hitman, who steps in to rescue her from the dire situation.

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Determined to avenge her parents, Ari joins forces with Kei to take down the organization responsible for the tragedy.

Rose and Killer Manga Wraps

The manga initially debuted as “Karasu to Usagi” (Crow and Rabbit) in Shogakukan’s Cheese! magazine in December 2022. However, the title underwent a change when it was officially launched. Before this work, Nozomi Mino created the manga “Yakuza Lover” (Koi to Dangan), which premiered in Shogakukan’s Premium Cheese! magazine in March 2018.

Later, the series transitioned to the sister publication Cheese! in April 2019, with the main storyline concluding in June 2022.

The manga’s spin-off titled “Koi to Dangan Special Bullet” also had its serialization wrapped up in Shogakukan’s Premium Cheese! magazine in July 2022. The final volume, the twelfth, was released in November 2022, bringing the story to a close.

In the realm of English releases, Viz Media is handling the publication of the manga and recently issued its ninth volume on June 13.

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Furthermore, the manga’s popularity led to a live-action adaptation series, which premiered in October 2022, bringing the captivating narrative to life on screen.


Source | Rose and Killer volume 2

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