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Rumor Alert: Dean Damonse to Portray Luffy’s Father in Netflix’s Live-Action One Piece Series

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2023)

In an unexpected twist, actor Dean Damonse is reportedly slated to step into the shoes of one of the most mysterious characters in the One Piece universe, Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father, in Netflix’s highly anticipated live-action series.

News of Damonse’s casting first surfaced on Twitter via the unofficial One Piece fan account @OP_Netflix_Fan. The tweet sparked an immediate dialogue among the series’ devoted followers, many of whom expressed surprise at the choice given Damonse’s relatively youthful age. However, the fan account speculated that the casting decision could be a strategic move by Netflix, hinting at the possibility of multiple seasons that might follow Dragon’s journey from his early years.

Damonse, an accomplished actor in his own right, is known for his diverse roles. He was seen on the popular 2018 drama series Arendsvlei, where he portrayed a boxer. The series featured a riveting storyline centered on a family battling the threat of their legacy being destroyed by a vindictive young woman. Moreover, he showcased his multi-talented nature by working behind the scenes as a lighting assistant on Fraksie, a 2022 drama series hailing from South Africa that follows the exploits of a tech genius and his ambitious millionaire friend.

In One Piece, Damonse is set to embody Monkey D. Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army and one of the World Government’s most wanted criminals. Despite being Luffy’s biological father, Dragon’s character remains an enigma for much of the series. He eventually resurfaces to aid his son and rescue Sabo, Luffy’s adoptive brother, setting the stage for an intriguing character arc.

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Netflix has amped up excitement levels by dropping the first full-length trailer for One Piece, offering fans glimpses of the adventurous trio – Luffy (Inaki Godoy), Nami (Emily Rudd), and Zoro (Mackenyu) – as well as a sneak peek at Buggy the Clown, one of the initial antagonists. Despite the thrilling preview, some fans, notably from Korea, expressed mixed feelings about the live-action series, likening it to a “high-quality cosplay.”

Get ready to sail with the Straw Hat Pirates as Netflix’s live-action One Piece series is set to premiere on Aug. 31. The series will be made available in Hindi Dub for Indian audiences, broadening the show’s global reach. Meanwhile, the English version of the One Piece manga can be found via Viz Media.


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