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Rumor Alert: PVR could dub ‘Suzume No Tojimari’ in Hindi for India release

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2023)

Rumors are swirling that PVR Cinemas may even dub the film into Hindi for its Indian release & Hindi dubbed trailer could be out in few days, although no official confirmation has been made yet. However, this news has only added to the excitement of the Indian anime community, who are already familiar with Shinkai’s work and eagerly anticipating the release of “Suzume No Tojimari.”

Rumor Alert: PVR could dub 'Suzume No Tojimari'  in Hindi for India release

The release of the film in India will come just a week after its release in the United States. The Indian anime community is excited, with many taking to social media to count down the days until they can experience the stunning animation and captivating story that have already won over audiences in Japan. PVR Pictures has announced that Makoto Shinkai’s latest film Suzume no Tojimari is coming to Indian cinemas on April 21, 2023.

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The film follows the story of a 17-year-old girl named Suzume, who becomes drawn to a mysterious young man searching for a door. After following him, Suzume discovers a weathered door in the ruins of the mountains and finds herself transported to a world where doors are opening all over Japan, causing disasters and destruction. Together with a group of others, Suzume must close the doors and save the world from impending doom.

Critics have praised the film’s stunning animation, engaging story, and captivating characters. Shinkai’s films are known for their breathtaking visuals, and “Suzume No Tojimari” is no exception, promising to be a visual feast for audiences.

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Shinkai has a dedicated following in India, with fans previously rallying for his film “Weathering with You” to be released in the country in 2019. The director even visited India to attend the film’s screenings, and the response from fans was overwhelmingly positive. The release of “Suzume No Tojimari” is sure to be just as highly anticipated, and Indian anime fans are eagerly waiting for the chance to see Shinkai’s latest work on the big screen.


The release of “Suzume No Tojimari” continues the recent trend of major anime films receiving official cinematic releases in India, and it is sure to be a big crowd-puller. The film’s stunning animation and engaging story are sure to win over audiences, and fans are eagerly waiting to see whether PVR Cinemas will dub the film into Hindi for its Indian release.

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