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Russian Teen Gang Inspired by Hunter x Hunter Causes Chaos in Ukraine

Reports of a new gang known as Redan PMC, inspired by the Phantom Troupe in Hunter x Hunter, causing chaos in Ukraine has surfaced. The gang first appeared in Russia, and its members have been spotted in various cities across Ukraine. They sport clothing with the group’s symbol – a spider with the number 4 – and have been brawling in the streets, causing public concern. Police have detained the group’s ringleader, a 16-year-old, in Dnipro, Ukraine’s fourth-largest city.

Redan PMC’s migration to Ukraine has sparked concerns that Russia has been trying to influence Ukrainian youth to join its ranks. Ukrainian authorities have accused Russia of using disinformation campaigns, including blocked Telegram channels, to manipulate and deceive minors, resulting in their involvement in illegal activities. The police have apprehended over 700 people allegedly connected to Redan PMC, most of whom are minors.

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The gang’s alleged 16-year-old ringleader claimed to have created the group to make money from advertising posts, as Redan is popular on social media. However, he admitted that the idea came from Russia, intending destabilization. A 15-year-old girl involved in the gang stated that Redan is straight-up Russian propaganda and that there is no Redan in Kyiv.

The situation highlights the potential dangers of media influence on young people, particularly through social media. It also raises concerns about the influence of foreign governments on the youth of other countries. Ukrainian authorities must take swift action to prevent the situation from escalating and ensure the safety of its citizens. The situation is a stark reminder that media, particularly social media, must be used responsibly, and parents and guardians must be vigilant about the content their children consume online.


Source: CBR

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