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“Rust-Eater Bisco” Anime will Air in January 2022! PV Out with Cast & Staff

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2021)

The broadcast start time of the TV anime “Rust-Eater Bisco” has been decided in January 2022. At the same time, the main visual and the first PV of this PV were released, and it became clear that Shiro Saito will play the role of Jabi and Kenjiro Tsuda will play the role of black leather .

Staff & Cast

"Rust-Eater Bisco" Anime will Air in January 2022! PV Out with Cast & Staff
TV anime “Rust-Eater Bisco” main visual
  • Original: aneurysm Kubo Shinji “rust eating Visco” (Dengeki published)
  • Original Illustration: red Coast K
  • original view of the world Illustration: mocha
  • Director: Atsushi Ikariya
  • Vice Director: straddle Daisuke
  • series configuration and Screenplay: Sadayuki Murai
  • Character Design: Asari Fu惟, Atsushi Ikariya
  • Chief animation Director: Asari Fu惟, Norie Ikawa
  • main animator: Yutaka Matsubara, Momoko Kawai
  • video Director: ChoItsuAkira
  • art Director: Masakazu Miyake
  • art creature set: sono Yoshidai
  • color design: Emi Chiba
  • Director of photography: Tsubasa Takagi
  • eDIT: Kimura SachiAkira
  • Music: Takeshi Ueda (AA =), Hinako Tsubakiyama
  • Music production: Flying dog
  • Sound director: Kisuke Koizumi
  • Animation production: OZ
  • Akaboshi Bisco: Ryota Suzuki Nekoyanagi
  • Miro: Natsuki Hanae
  • Nekoyanagi Pow: Reina Kondo Ochagama
  • Tyrol: Miyu Tomita

“Sabikui Bisco” is based on the novel of the same name by Shinji Kumakubo. Set in Japan, where the “rusty wind” that rusts everything is blowing, I took a hand to save my loved ones, a boy named “Mushroom Defender”, Bisco Akahoshi, and a beautiful boy doctor, Miro Nekoyanagi. A human adventure is depicted. Bisco and Miro are drawn in the main visual with the same composition as the teaser visual, and Nekoyanagi Pow and Ochagama Tyrol also appear. On the PV, you can listen to the character voices of the four of them, including Bisco, who plays Ryota Suzuki .

"Rust-Eater Bisco" Anime will Air in January 2022! PV Out with Cast & Staff
Sabikui Bisco Novel Cover

Jabi, played by Saito, is a master of Bisco and a hero of mushroom protection who was once called Yusei. He has continued his journey through Bisco and Japan for a certain purpose, but he is aware that his life is short and he is thinking about the future of Bisco after his death. The black leather played by Tsuda is the governor of Hama prefecture. He plans to get Miro for his career, and after meeting Bisco who came to the beach, he is obsessed with his arrest.

Kadokawa’s Dengeki Bunko imprint launched the novel series with illustrations by K Akagishi and mocha world building art in 2018, and published the sixth volume last June. The light novel series was the first to top both the general ranking and the new work rankings in the same year as the book Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi. Yūsuke Takahashi serialized a manga adaptation in Manga Up! From Square Enix. website from 2019 to 2020.


Source – Sabikui Bisco anime’s websiteComic Natalie

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