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Sasaki and Peeps Novels Get TV Anime Adaptation

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2022)

Buncololi’s light novel “Sasaki and Peeps, when I tried to enjoy a slow life in a different world, I was involved in a different talent battle in modern times-It seems that a magical girl has begun to upload-” will be made into a TV animation. 

It was announced today on July 24th in the special program “MF Bunko J” Summer School Festival 2022 “” which was distributed on YouTube’s KADOKAWA anime channel. This work is a fantasy work that begins when a middle-aged office worker, Sasaki, bought a Java sparrow at a pet shop in search of healing, and was a wise man, Pier Carlo, who had reincarnated from another world. 

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Sasaki, who signed a contract with a Java sparrow named Pee-chan from Pier Carlo, will be able to move freely between the world he is in and another world, and will start the business of purchasing tools for modern society and selling them in the other world. Up to 5 volumes of novels are currently on sale, and up to 2 volumes of comicalized books by Pledge Kazuhisa are on sale.

The cast will be followed by voice actors who appeared in the commercials and PVs of the same work. Tomokazu Sugita will play the role of Sasaki , and Aoi Yuki will play the role of Pee-chan . On the official Twitter account of “Sasaki and Peeps”, an animation commemorative visual by Kantoku, who is in charge of the illustration of the novel, was also released.

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