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Sasasa Nana no Kyūmei Mystery” Manga by Takehito Moriizumi Wraps Up

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2023)

In the upcoming October chapter, the curtains will draw to a close for Takehito Moriizumi’s enthralling manga “Sasasa Nana no Kyūmei” (Nana Sasasa’s Investigation), as revealed in the September edition of Shogakukan’s Big Comic Original Zōkan magazine.

At the heart of the manga lies the tale of Ruru Sasasa, a college student, and her enigmatic sister, Nana Sasasa, a renowned mystery novelist. The sisters are grappling with a recent familial loss—the passing of their uncle merely a month ago.

A poignant opportunity arises when Ruru decides to explore their uncle’s former residence. Amid the artifacts of time, a faded photograph of Avi, their uncle’s long-lost partner, surfaces, becoming the key to unlocking a trove of buried memories within Ruru’s mind.

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This captivating journey began its narrative in April 2022, when Moriizumi embarked on this artistic venture within the pages of Big Comic Original Zōkan. Notably, Moriizumi’s literary prowess extends beyond the realm of manga.

In the year 2020, Glacier Bay Books presented his narrative contribution in the inaugural volume of the Glaeolia indie manga collection, enriching the English literary landscape.


Source | Big Comic Original Zōkan September issue

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