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Season 2 of MASHLE: MAGIC AND MUSCLES Set for January 2024 Premiere

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2023)

Following the successful conclusion of its first season, the second season of MASHLE: MAGIC AND MUSCLES, the popular TV anime adaptation of Hajime Komoto’s renowned manga, has been officially announced. The announcement was made through a thrilling teaser trailer broadcast at the conclusion of the first season’s 12th episode, revealing January 2024 as the premiere month for the anticipated continuation.

Originally serialized in Shueisha’s celebrated Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the MASHLE: MAGIC AND MUSCLES manga has captivated audiences worldwide. An English version of the manga is readily available from VIZ Media, ensuring its reach to a global audience.

Under the seasoned direction of Tomonari Tanaka, the TV anime adaptation is expertly brought to life with animation production by industry leader A-1 Pictures. The series is currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

Set in a fantastical world where magic is a part of daily life, the series revolves around the story of Mash Burnedead, an unusually buff boy with a peculiar secret – he is unable to use magic. Originally desiring a peaceful life with his family, Mash’s life takes a dramatic turn when he is inexplicably targeted by would-be assassins and ends up enrolling in a Magic School. In an intriguing twist, Mash aspires to become a “Divine Visionary,” the crème de la crème of magical society, despite his magical limitations.

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As the series steps into its second season, the spotlight is on the impending Divine Visionary Selection Exam arc. Audiences are eagerly anticipating whether Mash’s extraordinary physical strength can stand up against the cream of the crop in the magical world.

Prepare for a new wave of off-beat magical fantasy, where the strength of sheer muscle power is pitted against magical prowess. Will Mash’s incredible strength be enough to break the spell? Stay tuned for the January 2024 premiere to find out!


Source: MASHLE on Twitter

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