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Seven Seas Secures ‘Nagahama To Be, Or Not To Be’ Manga by Scarlet Beriko for Simulpub

On Friday, Seven Seas made an exciting announcement, revealing their licensing of Scarlet Beriko’s enchanting boys-love school romance manga, “Nagahama to Be, or Not to Be.” This manga is set to receive a simultaneous publication (simulpub) in 11 different regions, spanning from the United States to Japan.

On February 1st, the manga’s eagerly awaited single volume will grace the shelves courtesy of the following 11 publishers.

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  • Seven Seas Entertainment (U.S.)
  • Egmont (Germany)
  • Shinshokan (Japan)
  • Daewon C.I. (Korea)
  • Tong Li (Taiwan)
  • JPOP (Italy)
  • Milky Way (Spain)
  • Daisybooks (Vietnam)
  • WANEKO (Poland)
  • Luckpim (Thailand)
  • EUPHOR (France)

Seven Seas will first release the manga digitally on various digital platforms, with the digital debut set to take place before April 2024. Following this, the company has plans for a print release of the manga in April 2024. The story centers around Nagisa, who may appear like a delinquent but is, in fact, a typical teenager grappling with the uncertainties of life.

Seven Seas Secures 'Nagahama To Be, Or Not To Be' Manga

His closest companion, Issa, has already discovered his passion: a fervent love for fish. Issa often skips school to work at the Nagahama fish market, and the duo frequently gathers by the ocean’s edge. However, Nagisa’s world is thrown into turmoil when he suspects that Issa may be involved with someone romantically.

This revelation prompts Nagisa to question his feelings—could he be in love with his best friend, and is there a possibility that Issa shares those feelings in return? The manga, initially featured in Cheri+ in January, is the creation of Beriko.

Beriko, known for her work on the Jackass! manga, which was first published in 2015 as a single compiled book volume, saw its English release by SuBLime in 2017. Furthermore, Beriko expanded on the Jackass! universe with a spinoff titled “Hosaka-san to Miyoshi-kun” (Hosaka and Miyoshi), which debuted in July 2021.

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SuBLime also brought Beriko’s “Jealousy” manga to the English-speaking market. Renta! is responsible for publishing Beriko’s “Minori’s Hand” manga in English.


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