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Shanks: The Celestial Dragon’s Legacy with Saint Garling Figarland

(Last Updated On: September 11, 2023)

Ahoy, One Piece aficionados! If you’re anything like us, you’ve been itching to unravel the endless mysteries that the One Piece universe lays before us. Among the most tantalizing of these is the story surrounding our beloved Red-Haired Shanks.

Shanks: The Celestial Dragon's Legacy with Saint Garling Figarland

From his audacious ventures to his fierce personality, there’s always been something incredibly fascinating about this Yonko. But did you ever wonder about his lineage and his connection to the esteemed Celestial Dragons? Well, we’re diving deep, so brace yourself!

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Marijoa: More Than Meets The Eye

Recollect that scene in Chapter 907, where Shanks made an unexpected appearance at Marijoa, the very sanctuary of the World Government. It’s not just any pirate that can waltz into such a fortified area, let alone converse with the Five Elders. The very implication of, “We only made time to talk because it was you,” sent shockwaves through fans worldwide. Was this a mere acknowledgment of Shanks’ power, or did it hint at a deeper, blood-bound connection?

Eiichiro Oda’s Curveballs: Revelations from One Piece Film: Red

Oda, the genius behind One Piece, never fails to keep fans on their toes. Through the One Piece Volume 4 billion booklet, distributed exclusively at the premiere of One Piece Film: Red, he dished out a jaw-dropping revelation. The story tells of a young Shanks discovered by none other than Gol D. Roger, the legendary Pirate King, in a treasure chest post-battle at God Valley. The mention of the “Figarland Family” was the clincher that made fans worldwide drop their jaws – Shanks might indeed have Celestial Dragon lineage.

Piecing Together the God Valley Incident

It’s impossible to discuss Shanks without delving into the God Valley Incident. The event saw the formidable Rocks Pirates daring to challenge the supremacy of the Celestial Dragons. The aftermath had Roger and Marine Garp emerging victorious, saving both the Celestial Dragons and their captive slaves. It’s within this backdrop that Roger discovers Shanks. Was he secretly placed in the chest by his family for protection? Was he a part of a grander scheme? The answers remain tantalizingly out of reach, but the implications are staggering.

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Enter Saint Garling Figarland

Chapter 1086 took fans on another rollercoaster with the introduction of the menacing Saint Garling Figarland. Touted as Shanks’ potential grandfather, his authority is vast, extending to passing judgments over the Celestial Dragons themselves. The visual resemblance between him and Shanks, especially the signature sword hilt design, offers more than mere familial ties. Garling’s past, especially as the erstwhile king of God Valley and his potential role in its incident, thickens the plot considerably.

Saint Garling: Beyond Power and Prestige

Garling is more than a formidable character. As the commander of the Gods Knight, he might overshadow even the Gorosei. His unique crescent moon-adorned beard and haircut could symbolize his celestial roots. And let’s not even start on the hinted battles, especially the eagerly anticipated Garling vs. Dragon showdown. The One Piece universe is gearing up for monumental shifts, and we’re here for all of it.

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The Implications: What Lies Ahead?

Shanks' Frequent Appearances in One Piece: A Sign of the Final Arc?

Unraveling the complex tapestry of Shanks’ origins is more than just fan service; it has profound implications for the One Piece narrative. If Shanks does indeed hail from the influential Celestial Dragons, the future arcs could see massive political and power upheavals, further adding layers of depth and intrigue.


In Conclusion: The World of One Piece Continues to Enthrall

With such explosive revelations, the story of One Piece grows even more intricate and captivating. Shanks’ potential Celestial Dragon lineage adds another dimension to his already complex character, making us wonder what other surprises Oda has in store for us. So, to all fans out there, keep those theories coming, stay invested, and let’s ride the waves of this grand adventure together.

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