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“She Professed Herself a Pupil of the Wiseman” Hindi Dub Debuts on Crunchyroll

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2023)

In a move that further demonstrates Crunchyroll’s dedication to catering to its vast international audience, the streaming behemoth has announced the debut of the Hindi dubbed version of the popular anime “She Professed Herself a Pupil of the Wiseman”. Fans can eagerly mark their calendars as the inaugural episode will air on September 20, 2023, at 10:30 AM IST.

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About “She Professed Herself a Pupil of the Wiseman”

The engaging narrative revolves around Kagami Sakimori, who finds himself awakening inside his favorite MMO. To his astonishment, a test has resulted in a switcheroo – he now embodies his former character’s apprentice, and what’s more, he’s transformed into a female avatar! The ensuing adventures promise a blend of comedy, action, and introspection as Sakimori navigates this unexpected twist in his digital life.

Animation Studio

The vivid and enthralling world of “She Professed Herself a Pupil of the Wiseman” is the creative vision of Studio A-Cat, a name that has garnered respect in the anime industry for its distinctive artistry and captivating narratives.

Hindi Dub: Voices Behind the Characters

The character of Mira, the unexpected avatar Kagami Sakimori finds himself in, will be brought to life in Hindi by the talented Krutika Vispute. The choice of a seasoned voice artist like Vispute amplifies the anticipation among fans who are keen to witness this new rendition of an already beloved story.

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In embracing localized content and spotlighting native talent, Crunchyroll continues its journey of bridging cultures. Anime aficionados across the Hindi-speaking diaspora are set for a treat, with “She Professed Herself a Pupil of the Wiseman” offering yet another tantalizing experience that blurs the lines between the virtual and real, gender expectations, and the quintessential search for self.


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