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Shigaraki’s Ultimate Ambition Revealed: The Plot Thickens in My Hero Academia!

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2023)

My Hero Academia has been building up to a massive showdown between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki, and the latest chapter has finally revealed Shigaraki’s final goal. After regaining control of his body from All For One, Shigaraki’s mission has shifted from simply seeking destruction and chaos. Instead, he now has a much more specific objective in mind.

Shigaraki's Ultimate Ambition Revealed

With a new sense of purpose, Shigaraki is now on a mission to destroy the society that stems from the same values that ruined his own family. He is not only targeting heroes, but villains like All For One as well, as he declares that everything he’s seen in the world is connected to the pain and suffering that he experienced in his childhood. And he won’t be satisfied until he destroys everything that stands in his way.

As the final war between heroes and villains begins to heat up, Midoriya is facing the daunting task of taking down Shigaraki. But the villain’s newfound focus has only made him more dangerous, as he is no longer driven by a desire for blanket destruction and chaos. Instead, he has a specific target in mind and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

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The battle between Midoriya and Shigaraki promises to be epic, as the two characters represent opposite sides of the same coin. While Midoriya is driven by a desire to protect and preserve the world, Shigaraki is consumed by a burning anger that has been fueled by the traumas of his past. As the two collide, it will be a test of willpower, strength, and determination, as both characters fight for what they believe in.


In conclusion, My Hero Academia has set the stage for an epic finale, with Shigaraki’s final goal adding a new layer of tension to the already intense battle. Fans of the series are on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting to see how this final showdown will play out, as two of the most powerful characters in the series face off in a showdown for the ages.

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