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Shin Ikki Tousen TV Anime Release Promo Video and Date, 17th May

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2022)

On Friday, the official creators of Ikki Tousen released a promo video for the upcoming video. Moreover, they also announce the release date of the anime which is 17th May. 

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The interesting thing is that the first episode of the anime will air on 27th March. Yes, It is ahead of schedule but the regular broadcasting will start from 17th May. 

In the center of the main visual is the heroine of the same work, Sun Quan. Around it, there are Sun Ceremony, Ryomo Shimei, Zhao Yun Ryu, new characters Yamada Asaemon, Sasaki Iwaryu, and Kusunoki Tamon Maru from the “Ikki Tousen” series.

The theme song is Konomi Suzuki It was decided to be “PROUD STARS.” Furthermore, the broadcast information of “Shin Ikki Tousen” was also revealed. 

Of all three episodes, AT-X will broadcast the first episode on May 17, the second episode on the 24th, the third episode on the 31st, and the first episode on March 27th. Will be done. 

On May 10th, the role of Sun Ce featured Masumi Asano and Ayaka Ohashi, who plays the role of Sun Quan. In addition, all seven past anime series will be broadcast at once from March 12th as “Ikki Tousen Series Ikki Show Special”.


Source: Anime News Network

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