Shinsuke Terasawa To Direct DC’s Animated Film Catwoman: Hunted

Warner Bros. Animation announced Tuesday that it is producing a new animated film titled Catwoman: Hunted, with Shinsuke Terasawa (Gintama episode director, Yo-kai Watch animation director) directing the film and Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, Young Justice). writing the text. Elizabeth Gillies plays Catwoman in the film, which will debut in 2022.

Shinsuke Terasawa To Direct DC's Animated Film Catwoman: Hunted

The movie news website The Hollywood Reporter describes the film:

Hunted, which is produced in an anime style, begins with Catwoman as she attempts to steal a priceless gem. Her heist puts her squarely in the crosshairs of a powerful villain consortium and the ever-resourceful Interpol, as well as Batwoman, voiced by Stephanie Beatriz.

In addition to Gillies and Beatriz, the cast includes Jonathan Banks as Black Mask, Steve Blum as Solomon Grundy, Lauren Cohan as Julia Pennyworth, Keith David as Tobias Whale, Zehra Fazal as Talia al Ghul & Nosferata, Jonathan Frakes as King Faraday and Boss Moxie. , Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Barbara Minerva / Cheetah, Kelly Hu as Cheshire, Andrew Kishino as Mr. Yakuza and Domino 6, Eric Lopez as Domino 1, Jacqueline Obradors as La Dama and Ron Yuan as Doctor Tzin.

Ethan Spaulding and Colin A.B.V. Lewis is credited as producers, while Sam Register is credited as executive producer.

Shinsuke Terasawa To Direct DC's Animated Film Catwoman: Hunted

Catwoman (Selina Kyle) is a character created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Batman. Debuting as “the cat” in Batman # 1 (Spring 1940), she is one of the Dark Knight’s most enduring enemies and belongs to the collective of adversaries that make up his rogues gallery.

However, the character has also been portrayed as an antihero and she became Batman’s best-known love interest, with many stories depicting her complex love-hate relationship.


Source – The Hollywood Reporter

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