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Shiro’s “Can I Begin A Camera?” Manga Set for Live-Action Drama Adaptation

Shiro, the author of the popular manga “Encouragement of Climb,” is set to have his first live-action drama adaptation with “Camera, Hajimete mo Ii Desu ka?” The announcement was made in the latest issue of Shonan Gahosha’s Young King Hours magazine, revealing that the series is set to premiere in the summer of 2023.

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“Camera, Hajimete mo Ii Desu ka?” follows the story of Mito Ikeda, a high school student who dislikes herself. Her neighbor, Chisato, invites her to take up photography, which leads to a gradual transformation in Mito’s life. As she takes her first steps into the world of photography, she gains new friends who gather around her, and Mito begins to discover what she wants to capture through her camera lens. Eventually, she realizes that her true desire is to photograph Chisato.

Serialized in the Young King Hours magazine since October 2019, “Camera, Hajimete mo Ii Desu ka?” has garnered a following in Japan, with four tankobon volumes already released. While Shiro’s “Encouragement of Climb” has been adapted into TV anime four times, this will be his first live-action adaptation.

Fans of the manga and those interested in photography-themed dramas can look forward to the premiere of “Camera, Hajimete mo Ii Desu ka?” in the summer of 2023.


Source – Shiro official Twitter 

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