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Shō Shibamoto’s Kickstarter of Flower Knight Dakini Manga In Eng Ver. Ch 10-15

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2023)

Renowned manga artist Shō Shibamoto has embarked on a crowdfunding campaign to finance the creation of chapters 10 to 15 for his independently published web manga series, Flower Knight Dakini. At the time of this report, the campaign has garnered $3,578 out of its $4,103 goal (converted from yen) and is scheduled to conclude on September 30.

Notably, Shibamoto previously initiated a Kickstarter campaign in March 2019 to support the English release of chapters seven to nine of the manga. Remarkably, the campaign swiftly met its objective within the first three days and concluded in April 2019.

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It’s worth mentioning that Shibamoto’s journey on Kickstarter began in March 2018 when he launched a campaign to fund the English version of the first six chapters of the manga. This campaign not only surpassed its goal but also saw the English release debut for Kindle in August 2018.

Shibamoto’s artistic venture commenced with the publication of the inaugural chapter of Flower Knight Dakini (Hana no Kishi Dakini) in April 2017, with the latest, 15th chapter released on August 14.

Kickstarter of Flower Knight Dakini Manga

The narrative of Flower Knight Dakini unfolds around the main characters, Eiden, an aspiring painter left emotionally scarred by the devastation wrought by the Sky Golems, and Dakini, a mute warrior endowed with enigmatic combat abilities.

Their quest to vanquish the golems and confront the peril menacing their world forces them to confront their past traumas while pursuing their mission and dreams.

The task of translating Flower Knight Dakini falls to Simona Stanzani, who previously translated Shibamoto’s Pandemonium -Wizard Village-. This series was concurrently published in both Japanese and English on Shogakukan’s now-defunct Ikki-Para webcomics platform.

Furthermore, the narrative of Flower Knight Dakini is interwoven with Shibamoto’s other works, such as Pandemonium -Wizard Village- and Tsunousagi, both of which Shogakukan also published.

Shibamoto’s debut as a manga artist dates back to 2008, when his short story “Baku” secured victory in the seinen manga category of Shogakukan’s 62nd Newcomer Comic Grand Prize. In 2007, he had earned a commendation from the jury for his self-published manga at the Japan Media Arts Festival Awards.

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In addition to Tsunousagi and Pandemonium, Shibamoto has contributed to the manga adaptations of Yo-kai Watch Koma-san Hanabi to Kiseki no Jikan and Yo-kai Watch Koma-san Tamaki to Nagareboshi no Tomodachi.


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