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One Piece’s Wano Country circular segment took a concise alternate route from the third demonstration with a flashback investigating the legend of Kozuki Oden and his last days in Wano, yet we were left on a significant cliffhanger that saw Luffy and the others upset by Shogun Orochi as he some way or another discovered they were wanting to enter a port. As it was a trap intended to shock him, there was a miracle with respect to how Orochi figured out how to get some answers concerning this arrangement in any case. The most recent section to be sure affirmed the most dire outcome imaginable as there was a trickster in the middle.

With the flashback now finished and the circle has shut on some significant occasions from quite a while ago, Chapter 974 of the arrangement returns us to Wano’s present to directly after Orochi had effectively upset the insubordination snare. Kin’emon and different individuals from the Akazaya Nine were set up to toss alert into the breeze and assault Orochi on a paddle boat, yet they were before long met by Kaido’s powers.

Shocking Identity of Major Wano Traitor (Kanjuro) Revealed | One Piece Wano Arc
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Assembling the pieces, they understand that their arrangement was spilled to Orochi again. Implying that one of the Akazaya Nine was a backstabber. In any case, before they can contend about it, Kanjuro uncovers that he in reality is the backstabber and has been working with Orochi. Despite the fact that he was set up to bite the dust close by Oden with the remainder of them, it’s uncovered that he had been surviving this “job” as Kanjuro so as to locate a fitting spot to bite the dust.

Kanjuro is an individual from the Kurozumi family, and as Orochi clarifies in a flashback, he was a piece of a theater troupe with his family. They were murdered during the abuse of the Kurozumi family in Wano, and since the time then he had been working with Orochi so as to assume out the excellent job he had been scanning for on his way to death. He uncovers that he conveys no hostility toward the other Akazaya, yet had been sending Orochi data this time, for example, when they were on Zou.

He would’ve stayed quiet about his traitorous job, yet Orochi gave him the last request of taking Momonosuke to Onegashima. Kin’emon attempted to take him out, however it’s uncovered that this Kanjuro was likewise a painting (and uncovered he had been concealing his actual aptitudes in such manner also). Presently with the swindler uncovered, what happens next is anyone’s guess as the war for Wano formally starts!

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