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Shonen Jump+ to Wrap Up Anmitsu Okada’s holoX MEETing! Manga on July 18

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2023)

In an announcement made in the latest issue of Shueisha’s Ultra Jump magazine, it was revealed that Anmitsu Okada’s manga holoX MEETing! will conclude in just two chapters. Barring any delays, readers can expect the manga to wrap up in the magazine’s September issue on August 19.

This manga is also serialized on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ service, with the online platform being one chapter ahead of the magazine. As a result, Shonen Jump+ will publish the final chapter of the manga on July 18.

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Anmitsu Okada's holoX MEETing!

holoX MEETing! made its debut on the Shonen Jump+ service on November 1 and later launched in Ultra Jump with its December 2022 issue, released on November 17. The first compiled volume of the manga was published by Shueisha on April 4.

This particular manga, created by Anmitsu Okada, is part of the popular hololive franchise and features the hololive sixth generation group known as the “Secret Society holoX.”

The hololive franchise initially introduced its first generation of performers back in 2018. Currently, there are over 50 Virtual YouTubers affiliated with hololive. These talents captivate audiences through their use of intricate 2D and 3D avatars provided by the company. Cover Corporation expanded the franchise by launching hololive Indonesia, a spinoff group targeted towards the Indonesian audience, in April 2020. This was followed by the introduction of hololive English in September 2020. Additionally, the all-male spinoff group called holostars debuted its first generation talent in June 2019. According to Hololive Production’s English website, the franchise has amassed approximately 50 million fans across all its channels.


Sources | Ultra Jump July issue, Shonen Jump+

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