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Fabricant 100 Wraps Up 100 Manga, Prepares for 3 Manga Premieres

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2023)

In the latest 40th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, readers bid farewell to Daisuke Enoshima’s “Fabricant 100” manga as it reached its conclusion. Alongside this significant closure, the magazine also unveiled three brand-new manga series that are set to grace its upcoming pages.

Debuting in December 2022, “Fabricant 100” originally emerged as a one-shot creation in the October 2021 edition of Weekly Shonen Jump during the magazine’s Golden Future Cup project. This dark fairy tale revolves around a doctor’s relentless pursuit of the “ideal human being.”

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Following the doctor’s demise, his fabricant creations turn on humanity, seeking to attain the perfect physique. Ashibi Yao, who tragically loses his entire family to these vengeful fabricants, embarks on a journey of revenge accompanied by the doctor’s ultimate creation, Fabricant 100. Both Viz Media and MANGA Plus have undertaken the English publication of this gripping tale.

Fabricant 100 Wraps Up

Shueisha has already released the manga’s first compiled volume in Japan on April 4, with the third volume hitting the shelves on Monday. Readers can anticipate the release of the fourth and final fifth volumes on November 2.

Moving forward, Weekly Shonen Jump’s 41st issue, scheduled for September 11, will introduce Yoshihiko Hayashi’s “Mama Yūyū,” a “new normal fantasy” manga set in a world where society has chosen to coexist with the enigmatic Demon King, causing turmoil for the Hero.

In the magazine’s 42nd issue, releasing on September 19, Takeru Hokazono’s “Kagurabachi” will take center stage, delving into the life of Chihiro, the young son of a skilled swordsmith.

Lastly, the 43rd issue, hitting the stands on September 25, will usher in Elck Itsumo’s “Two on Ice,” a manga that revolves around the world of figure skating and the fateful encounter between figure skater Hayuma Minekoshi and a mysterious young girl.

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These three new manga series are part of the magazine’s JUMP NEXTWAVE releases and come from the talented minds of Yoshihiko Hayashi, Takeru Hokazono, and Elck Itsumo, all of whom have been recognized as previous nominees for Shueisha’s prestigious Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize award.


Source | Weekly Shonen Jump issue 40

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