SINoALICE Mobile Game’s Global Service to End in November

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2023)

On Friday, SINoALICE’s Global Twitter account revealed that the global edition of the mobile game is set to conclude its service on November 15. Interestingly, the game’s Japanese Twitter account and website have yet to share any comparable announcement regarding the discontinuation of that version.

Players holding unused in-game currency in the form of Twilight Crystals will have the option to seek a refund through the application. However, it’s important to note that items obtained through the use of paid currency will not be subject to refunds.

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The full schedule until end of service is:

  • 2023.09.01 8:00 (UTC): Purchase of in-app currency Twilight Crystals for iOS and Android discontinued
  • 2023.11.15 5:00 (UTC): Acceptance of refund requests for remaining balance of unused Paid Twilight Crystals for iOS and Android begins
  • 2023.11.15 5:00 (UTC): End of Service / App no longer distributed on App Store and Google Play
  • 2023.11.15 5:00 (UTC): Use of in-app currency Twilight Crystals for iOS and Android discontinued
SINoALICE Mobile Game's

In November 2022, Square Enix concluded its service for the game in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, delivering a unique ending that compelled players to log out of the game permanently upon its completion.

Originally launched in Japan in June 2017 for iOS and Android, SINoALICE, an immersive smartphone action role-playing game, made its English global debut in July 2020, courtesy of Pokelabo Inc. The English version was made accessible worldwide, with the notable exceptions being Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

Formerly developed on a global scale by Nexon Korea Corporation, SINoALICE is a chilling reimagining of timeless fairy tales set within a dark and eerie fantasy realm, all under the creative direction of Yokō Tarō, known for his work on NieR: Automata. In this captivating game, players embark on a journey alongside beloved fairy tale heroes, navigating treacherous landscapes, confronting menacing adversaries, and solving intricate puzzles, all in a quest to resurrect the very storytellers who brought them to life.

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Additionally, SINoALICE’s captivating narrative was adapted into a manga series in 2019, featuring the creative talents of Yokō Tarō, Takuto Aoki, himiko, and Jino. As of October 2022, Volume 5 of this enthralling manga series has been released, with Square Enix Manga & Books overseeing its English publication.


Source | SINoALICE’s Global Twitter account via Siliconera

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