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“Skeleton Knight” will Start Airing on April 7!

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2022)

The TV anime ” Skeleton Knight, I’m going to another world right now” was released on April 7.

“Skeleton Knight, now going out to another world” is an arc thrown into another world in the form of a game character, trying to stay unobtrusive so that it will not be subdued as a monster because of the appearance of a skeleton in armor. 

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However, it is a fantasy that inadvertently carries out rehabilitation activities due to the character that can not overlook bad things. Along with the announcement of broadcast and distribution information, the role of Ark Tomoaki Maeno, the role of Arian Fairouz Ai, the role of Ponta Nene Hieda, the role of Chiyome Miyu Tomita Comments have arrived from

A view from Tomoaki Maeno, he will play the role of Ark (protagonist of our series). I try to make a clear distinction between how to speak in the guise of a knight and the monologue.

Ark loves fantasy elements anyway, so when I come across it, I’m conscious of how the tension rises.


Source: Crunchyroll

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