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(Last Updated On: November 1, 2020)

Anime Music is something great, it is a fact and nobody can deny it. We discovered some great people recently who are trying to use their awesome music to make people aware of this anime culture.

Brief Intro About Them

Shantanu Gursal is a Mumbai-based producer who has been seamlessly crafting cutting edge music across various genres as Smg and kSaya (Pronounced Saya). 

He believes that Indian music has a lot to offer to electronic music as a whole and he has been on a journey to infuse the influences in his productions and exemplify his affection for scrupulously crafted music. 

His recent exploits in the form of ’Ae Ri Sakhi” and ‘Walk’ have represented his distinctive ability to switch styles effortlessly.


Atteev is a singer-songwriter/producer whose bedroom pop and R&B has sparked an intrigue in the music industry. 

Being independent along with producing, writing and performing all his tracks straight from his bedroom, Atteev breaks the illusion that an artist can only create industry-standard music in a professional studio. 

His music ranges from catchy pop songs to raw, vulnerable ballads that would resonate with anyone listening. 


Frntflw is an electronic music duo who signify themselves as ambitious and striving music producers. 

Euphoric tunes and enthralling vocals with groovy beats make their music more lively.


Their New Track

Artwork Credit – Errol Crasta

As electronic music is dying without reaching its true potential, together we have created a pop-crossover anthem “One Dance” which is a mix of the futuristic sounds of electronic dance music combined with the art of storytelling not only with the song but with everything that comes in the package.

“One Dance” is a love story that sets during the end of the world in the first half of the 21st century and travels to a dystopian post-apocalyptic future world made by the people from the above. It is a time travel love story about a couple who died but saved each other by reviving their love in the utopian future-city.

The song and the artwork draw inspiration from various popular anime. If you have a look at the artwork you would find a lot of references like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One-piece there’s Atari on the right. As we have seen anime has always been about the future and modern world with all their tech.

You can show support by following their social media handle. The track is awesome believe me, I have already listened.





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