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Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation: Everything You Need to Know!

Have you heard the rumours about the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling Manhwa? Well, if not then there is a leak by one of the popular social media sites of china, which is Weibo. Users of this site claim that the Solo Leveling TV anime is in production and So-Ryeong and Jang Sung-Rak are in charge of the animation. However, this news is not officially released by any Solo Leveling creator or any other production studio. 

But still, there are chances that Weibo rumours might be true. If you want to know the answer to your question about Solo Leveling adoption then read the blog below: 

Is Solo Leveling Manhwa really Getting a T.V. Anime Adaptation?

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As I said, it was not officially announced but there might be some changes and there are multiple reasons for this: 

First, Solo Leveling is one of the most popular and highest rated Manhwa. On My Anime List, Solo Leveling has a rating of 8.86 which makes it the highest-rated Manhwa. Moreover, its fans have been waiting for its anime adaptation for 4 years but still, it’s not adapted into TV anime. 

There are many Manga and Manhwa are going to adapt into anime in the year 2022. Furthermore, some Manhwa like Tower of God and High School of God are already adapted into anime. 

Last but not least, Solo Leveling Manhwa’s first season has now ended with its final episode of 110 and its season in running. They have enough material to make an anime series of 13 or 24 episodes. 

Will There be Any Solo Leveling Anime in the Future? 

The answer to this question is definitely Yes! If not now then Solo Leveling must be adapted into anime in future and the reason is its popularity. 

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Furthermore, there is an official Solo Leveling OST is release by a K-Pop group “The Boyz”. The name of the song is “ECHO” and you can listen to it in the video section of this blog or on YouTube. Many fans think of it as anime OP or ED but that’s not true. ECHO is published by the creator of Solo Leveling Manhwa and Webtoon Platform.

Solo Leveling Fact: There is a petition for Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation with more than 200,000 signs. The petition is requesting big studios and companies like Netflix to make anime on Solo Leveling. 


In the end, there is no official announcement about the Solo Leveling anime adaption for now. But if the rumours are true, which we hope for, we will soon get the official announcement. Until then, stay tuned with Anime India for future updates…

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  1. Solo leveling manhwa is completed with 2 seasons and 179 chapters so they can completely adapt and and also update this article.

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