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Solo Leveling Manhwa Get Video Game Adaptation for Mobile and PC

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2022)

Solo Leveling is one of the most popular manhwa (comics from South Korea) of all time. As we know, the manhwa published the last chapter of the series. The fans are waiting for its anime adaption like another popular manhwa The Tower of God. However, we did not know when the anime will come but there is a new game that is going to launch in the future. 

Today, Netmarble announced the game lineup for an upcoming project and one of the games is Solo Leveling. They announce that Solo Leveling is going to be a new action RPG game with the same name as its series. 

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However, there are no specific details released for the game. The only thing we know about the game is it’s going to be a single-player RPG game. Moreover, players will get a story like a manhwa series where they need to increase their strength. And also players will be able to do things like making their shadow army or hunters. 

Last but not least, the release date of the Solo Leveling game is still unknown. However, according to some experts in the industry, the game will come in 2023. To get the feeling about the game you can check the trailer of the game. 

Solo Leveling: 

The story follows the life of a weak hunter who is Sung Jinwoo. However, when getting into the dungeon with his team everyone gets killed except him. After that horrible incident, we woke up and found that he can increase his strength by defeating monsters and other creatures. Now, Sung Jinwoo is a slaying monster to become one of the strongest Hunter in the world.  


Source: Netmarble

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