Sony Harnesses the Power of Anime and Expands into the Vibrant Indian Market

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2023)

In a resounding showcase of Sony Group Corporation’s robust hardware-plus-software business mix, the company’s senior executives recently unveiled their strategic vision for the future. The annual corporate strategy day presentation highlighted Sony’s unwavering commitment to growing its position in the entertainment industry and its focused approach to addressing the diverse, globalized marketplace. Notably, the executives emphasized the pivotal roles of anime and the booming Indian market in Sony’s ambitious plans.

Yoshida Kenichiro, Chairman & CEO of SONY GROUP

Under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Yoshida Kenichiro, Sony showcased its origin story, explaining that the name “Sony” is derived from the word “sound,” reflecting the company’s deep-rooted connection to audio experiences. This connection to sound and emotion has become the cornerstone of Sony’s corporate strategy, evident in both its entertainment divisions and electronic hardware manufacturing ventures.

Recognizing the immense popularity and creative potential of anime, Sony has made concerted efforts to strengthen its presence in this flourishing industry. By getting closer to creators and fostering emotional connections through their content, Sony aims to build “Kando” — a Japanese word for “emotion” — and develop communities of interest. The company has made significant investments in anime content, including the acquisition of Crunchyroll, a leading anime streaming service, which provides a vast repository of viewer data to inform the creative process.

Crunchyroll Expands Anime Library in India with 43 New Series

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Sony’s commitment to anime extends beyond content creation, as it seeks to bridge the gap between hardware and content experiences. One such endeavor is the development of “Gran Turismo Sophy,” a racing AI agent that enriches gameplay. Sony intends to continue investing in research and development in this area, driving innovation and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

India, with its young and creative population, holds tremendous promise for Sony’s future growth. NP Singh, Head of Sony India, took the stage alongside Yoshida and Sony COO and CFO Totoki Hiroki to shed light on the company’s plans in the South Asian colossus. Sony Research India is actively collaborating with Sony Pictures Releasing India to develop AI models for video analytics, recommendation engines, and speech recognition. Additionally, Sony’s investments in initiatives like Sony Talent Ventures and the Hero project by Sony Interactive Entertainment aim to nurture local game development talent and bolster content creation in the region.

NP Singh, Head of Sony India

Despite regulatory delays, the eagerly awaited merger of Sony’s Indian TV business with Zee, its rival, holds the potential to expand Sony’s content creation capabilities and strengthen connections with diverse communities within India. Even before the merger, Sony has already established itself as a significant player in the Indian market. It currently operates the world’s third most subscribed TV channel, SET, and SonyLIV, the third most popular streaming platform in India, boasting an impressive 33 million subscribers.

Sony’s commitment to theatrical movie releases stands as a testament to its dedication to the entertainment industry. The executives emphasized that theatrical releases not only enhance profitability but are also increasingly supported by the industry as a whole. As the industry regains momentum, Sony eagerly anticipates the return of movie fans to theaters and the excitement they bring.

Totoki Hiroki, COO & CFO of SONY GROUP

While Sony remains a powerhouse in the music industry, the company aims to outpace market growth in streaming services and emerging media. This ambitious goal will be achieved through various strategies, including promoting new songs from Sony Music’s labels, expanding services for distributed labels, and strengthening relationships with emerging artists. Furthermore, Sony seeks to monetize emerging media platforms such as social media and live concerts within games, providing new avenues for artists to generate returns.

In a move away from its entertainment and electronic hardware businesses, Sony announced plans to spin off its financial services division. Although details are yet to be finalized, the company envisions reducing its stake from 100% to slightly below 20%, while maintaining the Sony brand name and synergies with other Sony Group companies.

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As Sony embraces the future with a dynamic portfolio of businesses, it reaffirms its strategic investment in content intellectual property. The company remains open to further acquisitions that will bolster its entertainment activities. Yoshida stressed that gaming, music, and anime are just a few of the potential fields where Sony sees opportunities for growth.

Sony’s transformation from Hollywood’s weakest studios in the 2010s to its current position reflects the company’s resilience and unwavering commitment to innovation. With a focus on anime and expansion into the vibrant Indian market, Sony is poised to shape the future of entertainment and captivate audiences worldwide.


Source – Variety

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