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Sony Pictures India Introduces Adult-Oriented Animated Series, Including Japanese Collaboration

Sony Pictures Networks India, in collaboration with YAY! Animations, a division of the media company, is set to unveil an exciting lineup of seven new animated shows. This initiative, known as “Fresh Slate,” caters to a diverse global audience of all ages, offering a wide range of genres including action, adventure, sci-fi, drama, fantasy, and horror. Additionally, the lineup will feature comedy and educational content designed to resonate with children worldwide.

Sony Pictures India Introduces Adult-Oriented Animated Series, Including Japanese Collaboration

One of the standout shows in this lineup is “Karna – The Guardian,” produced by a Japanese studio and helmed by an anime director. This series beautifully blends elements of Indian mythology with the creative expertise of Japan’s Ascension studio. The storyline revolves around an ordinary boy who discovers he is the guardian of three realms.

Comprising 12 episodes, each with a runtime of 22 minutes, the series is directed by Tetsuo Hirakawa, known for his work on anime such as “YU-No: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World” and “Seraph of the End.”

Other notable shows include “Uncanny Short Stories – Satyajit Ray,” an animated adaptation of 13 short stories from Academy Award Winner Satyajit Ray, exploring the supernatural, psychological, and macabre. “The Besiegement,” a horror series, follows Victor on his quest to confront and defeat an ancient ghoul responsible for his family’s curse.

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Additionally, “Makeup My Life” tackles the insecurities faced by teenage girls, as Maya, a timid teenager, stumbles upon a magical makeup box that unlocks various aspects of her personality.

The lineup also includes three short shows for kids: “W.H.A.T & the Dog,” “Young Achievers,” and “Omi No. 1.” This expansion of India’s animated content to include adult audiences is a refreshing and promising development in the realm of animation. As of now, specific details such as sneak peeks and release dates for these shows have yet to be disclosed.


Source: IGN India

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