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Spiderman: Kizuna Manga by Setta Kobayashi and Hachi Mizuno On Oct 4

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2023)

In the forthcoming October edition of Shueisha’s Saikyō Jump magazine, readers can look forward to the debut of “Spider-Man: Kizuna” (Spider-Man: Bonds), a manga collaboration by the talented duo Setta Kobayashi and Hachi Mizuno.

This exciting manga series is set to premiere in the magazine’s upcoming issue on October 4th, with Kobayashi providing the narrative and Mizuno handling the artwork.

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Kobayashi and Mizuno initially introduced “Spider-Man: Kizuna” as a one-shot in the magazine’s September 2022 issue. The story revolves around Yū, a transfer student from Japan, who becomes intertwined with the legendary Spider-Man.

Kobayashi previously embarked on the creation of the official Black Clover spinoff gag manga titled “Asta-kun Mahōtei e no Michi” (Asta’s Journey to Wizard King) in Saikyō Jump back in 2018. Shueisha released the manga’s initial compiled volume in January 2019, concluding the series with its third volume in July 2021.

Spiderman: Kizuna Manga

Furthermore, Kobayashi, along with Ayumi Nakashima, commenced the ongoing manga “Kaiki Kūkan Zo-Zo-Zo-Zone” in Saikyō Jump in September 2022. This manga originally appeared as a one-shot in February 2022 before becoming a regular feature in the magazine.

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Mizuno, on the other hand, contributed to the “Gag Reel” one-shot manga, which was one of seven manga short stories featured in the 2019 collaboration between Marvel Comics and Shueisha.


Source: Saikyō Jump October issue

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