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Spriggan’s Ryoji Minagawa Launches Manga in June

Author of popular anime Spriggan manga – Ryoji Minagawa is going to launch a new manga in June. On Wednesday, Kodansha Magazine announces that a new manga by Ryoji Minagawa – Hellhound is coming with the next issue of Kodansha Magazine. According to the updates, the first page of the manga is going to be colored.

the story is about a young boy Sho, a normal person who becomes a mercenary. Well, he is not any other ordinary who kills people for money but for the sake of his family. Moreover, he doesn’t fight with humans but with “Demons.” Manga is quite exciting and if you are a fan of Ryoji then you will also like this Hellhound manga.

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The anime ” Spriggan ” based on Hiroshi Takashige and Ryoji Minagawa will be exclusively distributed worldwide on Netflix on June 18th. At the same time, an additional cost, the third teaser PV, was released.

This was announced at the Netflix anime booth event of “AnimeJapan 2022” held today on March 27th. As an additional cast, it is clear that Yoshimasa Hosoya will play the role of Akatsuki.

In addition, in the third action-packed teaser PV that makes full use of 2D drawing and 3DCG, in addition to Akatsuki Iwao played by Hosoya, Jean Jackmond is played by Yohei Azakami.

Director Yamamoto played by Kenji Hamada, Yoshino Somei played by Mariya Ise, and Ayumu Murase . . The character voice of Colonel McDougall who plays was also unveiled for the first time.


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