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Spy Classroom Light Novel TV Anime Adaptation Announced

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2022)

Takemachi’s Spy Classroom (Spy Kyōshitsu or Spy Room) light novel series is getting an anime adaptation. The announcement news came via live-streamed “Fantasia Bunko Online Festival 2022” event held on Sunday 13th.

Spy Classroom Light Novel TV Anime Adaptation Announced

After the end of World War, which is considered to be the largest in history, peace treaties were signed in various countries around the world, and international organizations were established with the creed of peace. Countries all over the world who witnessed the reality of many casualties changed their perception that “war is bad for cospa”, and in the present age 10 years after the end of the war , spies instead of war of light using swords and bows Information warfare and shadow warfare were unfolding.

Novel Description
Spy Classroom Light Novel TV Anime Adaptation Announced

Spy Classroom ” is a Japanese light novel by Takemachi . The illustration is Tomari. It is the 32nd Fantasia Award “Grand Prize” winning work, and has been published by Fujimi Fantasia Bunko ( KADOKAWA ) since January 2020 .

As a media mix, a manga version by Kaname Seu is being serialized in ” Monthly Comic Alive ” (KADOKAWA) from the July 2020 issue, and from the fifth episode, Takemachi newly wrote the original script. It has been expanded.


Source – Fantasia Bunko Online Festival 2022

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