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Spy Classroom Light Novels Gets TV Anime Adaptation, 2023 Premier

The TV anime “Spy Classroom” will be broadcast in 2023. Teaser visuals, teaser PVs, and additional casts have been released. “Spy Classroom” is a fantasy that depicts the deception of spies in a world where information warfare of spies has become more critical. The teaser shows seven girls, including Lily, played by Sora Amamiya, and Klaus, played by Yuichiro Umehara.

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In addition, Miku Ito will play the role of Grete, Nao Toyama will play the role of Jiva, Aoi Yuki will play the role of Monica, Sumire Uesaka will play the role of Tia, Ayane Sakura will play the role of Sarah, and Tomori Kusunoki will play the role of Annette. 

Both will be a continuation of the original PV. Enthusiastic comments from the cast members also arrived. In addition, we will hold a gift campaign in which posters with autographs of 8 cast members will win 3 people by lottery. Check the official website and official Twitter (@spyroom_anime) for details.

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