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Stein’s Gate – Anime Review

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2020)

Hello guys , welcome to . Today’s anime involves a ‘maddo scientist’ and ‘ time travel’ , yes , its Stein’s gate.

Stein’s Gate Anime Review
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Stein’s Gate revolves around the life of Okabe Rintarou , who considers himself to be a ‘mad scientist’ who will save the world from hands of some, presumably evil, ‘organization’ and something called steins gate helps him in doing all that , but there is no such thing . On the other hand , he lives in the Tim3 where an organization called SERN is researching time travel. He and his friends , together end up making a time machine before SERN and the world turns upside down for them as they experience ripples caused in present. ,past and future .

Time Travel

One of the key things of this anime is the concept of ‘time travel’. Its interesting how it was kept in such a grounded state , the fact that he actually time traveled , didn’t seem much significant/exciting as compared to the discussions . This is because , when he time travelled , there was some other more important thing to consider at the moment like death , or confession etc.

One thing to remember is that a number of your questions will always be unanswered in cases of time travel. ,but they did a good job explaining most of the things , they even named some episodes after such theories regarding time travel, you can google them . They Al’s did a good job introducing the concept of world lines , which later helps us in understanding the ripples. Just for clarity , one of such questions will be,”How he changed the events to happen in case of Kurisu, when he couldn’t in case of Mayuri?” . I have thought of it and only 2 explanations came to mind , first one is that its he who caused it to happen , second being the fact that the story should go on.

The Love & Twisted Story

They surprisingly introduced the concept of love , although almost everyone loved him , it was unexpected for him to fall for someone. Many of us , who have watched a lot of anime , might have predicted some results , yet it came as rather unexpected , and will definitely surprise the noobs. What struck me most , is that towards the end (especially last 2 episodes) , it seemed as if this was a rom-com all along and they used the concept of ‘time travel’ as a catalyst . This is insane3 yet quite 3entertaining and unique to this anime . it felt as if I watched a psychological thriller , a harem king , and a rom-com , all in one anime.

The story also has many twists , in fact it has so many that you get used to them towards the end . Some examples are , Mayuri incidents , Suzuha failing , Mr. Braun’s job , Suzuha’s dad , etc.

The character of Okabe was well built and stayed true to its nature throughtout the series . He stayed as the dumb , greedy, narcissist person he is , but the only good thing being he will do anything for his friends.

So all in all, it’s a unique and entertaining anime and quite fun to watch . That’s all for now ,’El Psy Congroo’.

Where to watch Stein’s Gate

Stein’s Gate is available on 4 streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll and Funimation.

But India this anime is available only on Netflix. Others can be accessed with a good VPN Service.


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