Stella of the End Kinetic Novel by Key Drops in English on Sept 25

Visual Arts/Key has revealed that it will launch its kinetic novel “Stella of the End” (Tsui no Stella) in English for PC via Steam on September 25, complete with Simplified Chinese and Japanese language options. This release follows its Japanese debut in September 2022.

Originally introduced as “Project: PORTER” in October 2020, with an initial target of 2021, the game features a scenario penned by Romeo Tanaka and captivating illustrations by SWAV. The opening theme song, “Breath of Stella,” is performed by Zero Aimiya.

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Key paints a vivid picture of the kinetic novel’s world, one where humanity is no longer the dominant force. Enormous machines now rule the earth, pushing humanity to the brink of extinction.

Stella of the End Kinetic Novel

The story centers around Jude Gray, a wandering Courier, who receives a unique assignment: to deliver precious cargo, none other than Philia, an android girl immune to the enigmatic Singularity Machines. Jude’s journey involves safeguarding Philia from danger and imparting survival skills in this unforgiving realm.

Together, they must navigate a perilous wilderness, facing threats from mechanical and human adversaries alike. Throughout their odyssey, Philia maintains an unwavering belief in her eventual humanity. What lies at the journey’s end for Jude and Philia? Can humanity be rescued, or is it already beyond redemption?

In 2020, Key unveiled “Stella of the End” alongside two other kinetic novels. “Loopers” arrived on PC in May 2021 and on iOS and Android in July 2021, with an upcoming English release on the Nintendo Switch set for June 2.

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Meanwhile, “Lunaria: Virtualized Moonchild” graced PC screens in December 2021 and made its debut on iOS and Android on February 24.


Source | Visual Arts/Key’s Twitter account

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