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Steven Maeda, Showrunner of Netflix’s One Piece Expresses Interest in Adapting Spy x Family

Steven Maeda, the showrunner behind Netflix’s highly successful live-action adaptation of One Piece, has expressed keen interest in adapting another beloved anime series: Spy x Family. In an interview, Maeda praised the anime, describing it as “wonderful,” and revealed his long-standing interest in the series. Although there are currently no official discussions regarding a live-action Spy x Family adaptation, Maeda conveyed his enthusiasm for the potential project.

Maeda emphasized the rich storytelling potential found in anime and manga, acknowledging the challenge of translating these narratives into live-action. He expressed his admiration for the wealth of exceptional source material available and the untapped potential for live-action adaptations.

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These comments come in the wake of the overwhelming success of Netflix’s One Piece adaptation, which has garnered global acclaim for its faithful representation of the source material and its impressive production quality.

Meanwhile, fans of Spy x Family can look forward to the release of its second season on October 7, available for streaming on Crunchyroll. Additionally, a film titled Spy x Family: Code is set to debut in December in Japan. George Wada, CEO of Wit Studio, the studio responsible for the Spy x Family anime, also provided insights into the upcoming film in a recent interview with IGN.

With Maeda’s interest piqued and the track record of successful adaptations, fans of both One Piece and Spy x Family can anticipate more exciting developments in the world of live-action anime adaptations.


Source: IGN India

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