Studio Eight Colors New Anime Studio Established in Kochi Prefecture

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2021)

The animation studios were once said to be concentrated in Tokyo, but it is becoming more and more popular in rural areas. In July 2021, a new animation studio was established in Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, and is drawing attention. Studio Eight Colors Co., Ltd. was launched as a hand-painted animation studio with a view to utilizing digital technology.

Studio Eight Colors Logo

This is the first hand-painted animation studio in Kochi prefecture, and it will be the second valuable presence in the entire Shikoku region. By utilizing digital technology, we will create an environment where creators in Kochi can play an active role locally. In the future, we will expand the production bases in the prefecture and aim to send original contents from Kochi.

On October 12, a press conference was held at the Kochi Prefectural Office. Kochi Prefecture has made the concentration of IT / content-related industries one of its important efforts. There are high expectations from the prefecture as a place for creators to find employment.

Studio Eight Colors New Anime Studio Established in Kochi Prefecture
Mr. Hideo Uda

Mr. Hideo Uda is the representative director of Studio Eight Colors. After working in the management department of an animation production company, he founded Studio Colorido in 2011, which produced hits such as “Penguin Highway” and “A Whisker Away”. In 2020, Novo Co., Ltd. has also been established to challenge a new system in which creators can play an active role. Studio Eight Colors can also be said to be a new challenge that combines the activities of creators and the creation of content from rural areas.
Furthermore, Mr. Nobuhiro Ito, who was the president of Graphinica, a digital animation studio, will also participate in the board of directors. As he has a lot of experience in digital animation, he can expect future developments.

The company name of Studio Eight Colors is said to be derived from Kochi Prefecture Bird Fairy Pitta. I hope to create a work that fascinates people like a fairy pitta, and at the same time, a place where diverse and colorful human resources can gather.

Studio Eight Colors will immediately start securing human resources. In November, we will also hold a recruitment briefing session for digital animators. The recruitment is not only for employees, but also for sideline animators who work from home.


Source – Studio Eight Colors Website & Animation Business Journal 

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