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Studio Ghibli’s Upcoming Film Bucks Tradition: No Trailer, No Promotion

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2023)

Studio Ghibli, known for its captivating storytelling, has made a surprising decision regarding its highly anticipated upcoming film, “How Do You Live?”. Directed by the legendary filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, the film will break away from the traditional marketing approach and release without any trailers or conventional promotional efforts.

In a bold departure from the usual Hollywood-style promotion, Studio Ghibli has chosen to rely solely on a single mysterious poster, which has already been unveiled. This decision is not just a marketing strategy but a daring artistic choice.

Studio Ghibli's Upcoming Film Bucks Tradition: No Trailer, No Promotion

Producer Toshio Suzuki, a long-time collaborator with Miyazaki, shed light on this unconventional approach during a recent interview. He explained that the team wanted to explore a fresh approach and challenge the customary practices of extensive pre-release marketing.

Rather than following the industry norm, Studio Ghibli opted to allow anticipation to grow naturally among their devoted fan base and the wider audience of moviegoers.

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The inspiration behind “How Do You Live?” stems from the 1937 Japanese novel of the same name by Genzaburo Yoshino. The film serves as Miyazaki’s anticipated final directorial work, presenting a coming-of-age tale that delves into the emotional and philosophical journey of a young boy coping with his father’s death. Plot details and character insights are being carefully guarded, leaving much to the imagination of the eagerly waiting audience.

During the interview, Producer Toshio Suzuki drew a comparison to an American film releasing around the same time. He pointed out that multiple trailers, which are often commonplace, can sometimes reveal significant plot points, ultimately diluting the viewing experience for audiences. In contrast, Studio Ghibli’s approach relies on cultivating curiosity and imagination, in line with their longstanding tradition of preserving the enchantment of their storytelling.

The decision to limit promotional efforts to a single poster was reinforced by Miyazaki’s endorsement. According to Suzuki, Miyazaki’s approval of the poster played a crucial role in solidifying their unique plan.

Since the announcement of “How Do You Live?” in 2017, fans worldwide have eagerly anticipated its release. The film holds deep personal significance for Miyazaki, as he has expressed that it is a gift for his grandson, a symbolic “legacy” to leave behind as he steps back from filmmaking.

The movie is scheduled to hit Japanese theaters on July 14, 2023, with international release dates yet to be announced. With no trailers, teasers, or typical promotional material in sight, this unconventional strategy is bound to heighten excitement for the film, while underscoring Studio Ghibli’s commitment to originality and creative storytelling.

This new approach may seem unorthodox to many, but perhaps it signals a return to the fundamental essence of cinema, allowing audiences to enter the theater with fresh eyes and open hearts, ready to be swept away by the magic of the story.


Source: Anime Senpai

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