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Being an Anime Content Creator (ACC) is fun, but quite challenging at the same time. You always have to stay on high alert as the nature of most of your raw materials is copyrighted. Copyright claims and Copyright Strikes / DMCA removals are daily challenges on content creation platforms like YouTube & Facebook.

A platform that plans to help Anime Content Creators (ACCs) to use some of their favorite clips from anime safely, efficiently most importantly legally. The name of this awesome platform is SUGOI Media. We reached out to them and gathered some information on what they are planing? and how can creators use this service?

SUGOI Media is based in Colorado, U.S. They plan to provide a free platform for Anime Content Creators to source anime clips for fair use creations. Anime clips will less than 1 minute long. Here are a few of the questions they answered for our readers. Link – SUGOI Media.

  • Maddison: Founder, CEO, & Engineer
  • Minh: Co-Founder and CTO
  • Zach: Engineer

Our Intentions:

Well-meaning. The Founder of SUGOI, Maddison, truly believes that this platform can help everyone involved – from Anime Content Creators and Anime Brand Owners to Anime Fans, Animators, and the Anime Industry as a whole. She and her team would not be working on SUGOI unless they believed in the good that supporting Anime Content Creators can provide for all parties.

Full Strategy – Link

What problems do Anime Content Creators face today?

Well-intentioned Anime Content Creators suffer from really bad WARTs. They Worry constantly about being hit with copyright strikes for their fair use content, they lack Appreciation from the Anime Industry for the free authentic influencer marketing that they provide, they take on a lot of Risks when sourcing anime content, and they waste a lot of Time sifting through entire episodes to find the perfect clip.

The fact is that nothing about our platform is new. We are simply the first platform to try to do this the right way, by bringing the conversation into the public view. We believe that Anime Content Creators constitute a studio’s biggest fans, and as such, there needs to be a legal and safe way for them to source assets to share in their fair use creations online. With the exponential growth of the internet – trying to shut down content creators has become unrealistic. It’s time to work with fans, not against them. We’ll provide the means.

SUGOI Media Team

The SUGOI Media platform is launching on Dec 14th, 2020. The service is invite-only currently and will be only available in the US. SUGOI Media Team answered these as well.

Why are we Invite Only?:

For a few reasons! We want to ensure that as we grow, we have enough support available to give our users high-quality service. If we begin to see our quality of service waning, we’ll likely halt adding new users until we sort that out. As this space is brand new, we want to ensure we are progressing with the full support and guidance from all parties involved.  There is inherently a large number of stakeholders involved and we want to proceed to ensure we are properly serving everyone. 

U.S. Anime Content Creator Ask:

If you’re an Anime Content Creator, current or aspiring, join our waitlist, discord, or newsletter. All are available on our website.

International Anime Content Creators:

For the same reasons we are invite-only for now, we are also only serving and operating in the U.S for the time being.  While our ultimate goal is to reach international support, the path there involves many new hurdles for our team.  To ensure that we uphold our value of quality service for all parties, we want to approach these hurdles properly with as much time and means as necessary.  Stay tuned for news on this front as it is definitely a priority for us! 

Please understand that we cannot reach this goal without your support, so we ask you to stay engaged and continue to share your perspectives with us.

You can contact them

Anime Content Owners:

Make the first step towards supporting your greatest fans; contact us today. Please email!  We can’t wait to talk with you!


1. Content Creators are ultimately responsible for their creations, regardless of our role in supporting them

2. We cannot guarantee any specific user has access to the full service within any timeframes

3. We cannot guarantee any measures of availability or uptime of the service

SUGOI Media Team

In the end, I really want to thank Maddison and her team for providing this information and taking a step forward to help ACCs and Animation Studios alike. I wish this platform succeed as being a creator my self I understand the problems.


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