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Suguru Geto Brain Identity – Noritoshi Kamo Ancestor | Jujutsu Kaisen Theory

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2021)

Suguru Geto has been always a mystery to Jujutsu Kaisen fans. We don’t know anything about the character in detail other than the fact that he is one of the major villains of the Jujutsu Kaisen storyline. He is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters of the series as he is one of 4 special-grade shamans. Suguru was the classmate/good friend of Satoru Gojo and the student of Principal Masamichi Yaiga during his time at Jujutsu Tech. Spoilers ahead!!!!!

We that the original Suguru Geto was killed by Satoru Gojo during the Cursed Child prequel arc. After that, some unknown entity took over his body and assessed all his memories and abilities. We are going to talk about the unknown entity who is controlling Suguru Geto’ Brain/Body. What new findings have been revealed in the ongoing manga of Jujutsu Kaisen and this entity is linked to Noritoshi Kamo (Ancestor). Let’s begin!!

Suguru Geto Brain Identity - Noritoshi Kamo Ancestor
(Photo: Shueisha)

The theory starts with the golden age of cursed techniques, it suggests that the cursed spirit inside the body of Geto is not from the present. The brain (cursed spirit) is from the era of sorcery 1000 years ago from well Ryomen Sukuna also belongs. Throughout the series, we have seen him trying to revive Sakuna fully in the present world of Jujutsu Kaisen. No doubt that Sakuna and Brain are linked in one way or another.

Then we have to see the connection b/w Geto’s Brain and Noritoshi Kamo. In the picture above we can clearly see the stitch scar on Kamo’s head, which is the same as the one on Suguru Geto. We can assume that this brain (cursed spirit) has been around 1000s of years changing bodies in each era to accomplish its goals. This goal can be reviving Sakuna or It can be something much bigger. For those of you who don’t know Noritoshi Kamo, he was a sorcerer that lived over 150 years ago and was considered the evilest of them all.  He was conducting the research on the Death Painting Wombs and the woman who gave birth to them. Which is possible that this brain took body control of original Noritoshi Kamo and conduct those experiment to make a perfect vessel for Sakuna’s revival.

In Jujutsu Kaisen Ch-135,136 we saw that Uraume who was one of the allies of Sakuna came into Suguru Geto’s defense. This gives evidence that Suguru Geto and Uranume are working together. Other than that we really know nothing about the brain besides the fact that it is changing bodies for 1000s years and trying to accomplish something. What is this something? It is a great question whether it is reviving Sakuna or some other evil thing.

Brain Is Sakuna Himself

The second part of this theory says that this brain is not anyone else but Ryomen Sukuna himself. The theory suggests that Sakuna not only Sakuna’s fingers exist but Sakuna’s brain also exists. He in the past separated his body from his brain. This brain survived due to high cursed energy, but Sakuna’s soul is reincarnated in Yuji’s body. Few major parts of Sakuna’s memory reside inside the brain of Sakuna, so the brain is acting as a different entity and is executing some plans.


But this second part is having many plot holes, so it is very less likely to be true. So let me know your thoughts in the comment section. According to you who is his brain in reality, also let me know in the comment section. Also, check out:-

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