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Super Duper MMA Action Flick : Baki

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2021)

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Action

Every boy dream is to become super strong. To have a ripped body and to never lose a fight. And above all  becoming most powerful person in the world. Mixed Martial Art is very famous sport these days. It is not confined to just any one style of fighting. It is mixture of fighting arts all aroung the world.


Baki is the Anime all about MMA fighting. Its a story of a boy named Baki. He Trains super hard because he wants to become more strong than his father, who is most strongest person in the world. Baki also fights in underground fight matches to test his skills and nevertheless he always win. Furthermore, because of this fighters all around the world wants to fight him.

Super Humans

Villains in this series are not having any sort of super powers as Superman or Spider-man, but they have super human strengths. They have all trained so hard that they have become so strong that normal guns, bombs, or any other weapon don’t stand a chance in front of them. From the beginning , show starts with five criminals who are on death row. They all escape prison cell by fooling their deaths from hanging. They all have one dream. No one among them have ever lost a match. Furthermore they want to feel, what defeat is like? Due to which they all want to fight Baki. Although, their are many friends along with Baki who are also strong as hell. But main focus is on Baki and how he develops from 17 year old adult to perfect warrior.



Fighting in this series is awesome. Every character in this series have different style of fighting, and they all have developed their strengths by practicing a long time. Story line of all the lead character runs parallel to the main story. It gives us clear view of what kind of fighting art they are specialized in how they become strong. It reminds me of Bruce Lee. Fighting scenes are staged in very vivid and colorful style. Story line keeps us intrigued. And the we thirst for more fight scenes as the story proceeds. It is really amazing.

In The Nut Shell

Your blood will pump fast and you sure will get motivated to hit the gym same day. Story and the characters are really interesting. Their is sense of curiosity that will make you glued to screen till very end.

If you are fan of Macho Mans and their bold fights. This is the Anime for you.


Total of 26 episodes are released by Netflix. Its second season is due in 2019 starting.

Its a one stop shop to watch fighters like Mohammad Ali, Ip man, Bruce Lee and many more…

Stay Tuned for more Anime & Manga Awesomeness.


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