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Tama Mitsuboshi Wraps Up ‘Call the Name of the Night’ Manga

In the 108th edition of Kadokawa’s Harta magazine, it was unveiled on Saturday that the manga “Call the Name of the Night” by Tama Mitsuboshi will conclude in the upcoming issue on November 15.

Yen Press is scheduled to release the third compiled volume of the manga in English on November 21. Here’s a brief overview of the manga’s narrative:

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Within the depths of a mysterious forest dwell an intriguing pair: Mira, a young girl plagued by a unique condition that unleashes darkness when she’s distressed, and Rei, her determined physician seeking a remedy.

Call the Name of the Night' Manga

Day by day, Mira strives to recapture the light and rediscover her former self. However, the tranquility of their existence might be disrupted by an unexpected visit from Rei’s friend, who holds a keen interest in Mira’s ailment.

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Mitsuboshi initiated this manga series in Harta in August 2020, with Kadokawa releasing the first volume of the manga in August 2021, followed by the fourth volume on March 15.


Source | Harta issue 108

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