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Tanjiro’s Hanafuda Earings Origin & Symbolism Explained

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2021)

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba needs no introduction, it has become quite a legend in itself like One Piece and Naruto. Its anime series is breaking all records on Netflix, Moreover, its movie is also earning Billion Dollars and also breaking all records in America and other countries worldwide.

Tanjiro's Hanafuda Earings Origin & Symbolism Explained

Its increasing popularity has brought Tanjiro (the main protagonist) into the main limelight. Especially his Hanafuda earrings, which he inherits from his father, and the scar on his forehead, which he thinks he got from a hot kettle while saving his younger brother.

Hanafuda Earings: Origins

In the episode “Hinokami” Tanjiro remembers that his father used to dance(Ceremonial dance Hinokami Kagura: Dance Of Fire God) in cold weather without any problem, although he was sick at that time. On enquiring how he can do so, his father explains to him that there exists a breathing technique, which if he masters he won’t get tired or feel cold ever. Furthermore, he adds that this ceremonial dance and earings are passed down to him from his father and from him to Tanjiro. After remembering this Tanjiro performs Hinokami Kagura dance and defeats Spider Demon

Hanafuda Earings: Symbol of Power

Tanjiro's Hanafuda Earings Origin & Symbolism Explained

Hanafuda Earings are the symbol of Sun Breathing Style Fighters. After Rengoku’s Death Tanjiro goes to his father and brother, to Tanjiro’s shock Rengoku’s father recognizes his earrings and calls him Sun breathing practitioner. Furthermore, he adds that Sun Breathing is the original technique and all other techniques are its branches and not even as powerful as Sun Breathing. He also tells Tanjiro that you have to be blessed to use this you can not learn it just by practicing. Due to the above reasons Sun Breathing user Demon Slayers always look down on the other demon slayers as weaklings.

Hanafuda Earings: Founding Fathers Of Demon Slayer

Muzan Kibutsuji Immediately recognizes Tanjiro’s Earrings when he first crosses paths with him. They remind him of his early time when he was badly defeated by a Demon Slayer wearing the same earings. It tells us that, as Muzan is the oldest Demon in the series, Sun Breathing technique user Demon Salyers could be the founding father of demon, Salyers, by laying its foundation and teaching others how to fight demons.

Hanafuda Earings: Meaning

Tanjiro's Earning explained
Hanafuda | Flower Cards

The word “hanafuda” means “flower cards”. Tanjiro Earings have sun made with lots of lines coming out like rays. They represent Sun and Hence Worn by Sun breath users. As Sun is powerful and it’s not easy to yield its power, this technique is kept for a few for the benefit of all. Sun also represents Light, as Demons represent darkness, so in a nutshell, it can also be meant as a light-bringer by cutting through the darkness.

Hanafuda Earings: Ideology

Tanjiro's Hanafuda Earings Origin & Symbolism Explained

The urge to discover secrets is deeply ingrained in human nature; even the least curious mind is roused by the promise of sharing knowledge withheld from others. All along within the series, Tanjiro fights hard to uncover the secret of his ancestors. His earings are the closest thing to any information he got. Whosoever recognizes his earings is either frightened (Muzan) or thrilled (Rengoku’s Father). Tanjiro’s Earings are a sign of hope for humanity and a sign of fear for Demons. Throughout his journey, Tanjiro understood that Nobody can give him Knowledge. It is not a thing to be transformed. You have to become it, you have to grow into knowing; it is an inner transformation.

Tanjiro was a simple boy who sold coal to feed his family. After his family being killed by demons, he decides to become a demon slayer as his only surviving sister has become one too.

All men Understand the joy of being alive but not its misery; the weariness of growing old but not its ease; the ugliness of death but not its repose.


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