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Tao : Secret Tool Of Anime & Manga Creators

Tao is the name for that which cannot be named, a name for the nameless – just like god or dharma or truth or logos. These are not really names, but human helplessness. We have to call it something, we have to address it. Tao is one of the most beautiful names given to the unknown, because it is
utterly meaningless. God has become very meaningful, hence it has lost significance.

You can worship god, you cannot worship Tao; there is no image. Even people who say that they believe in no image, that they believe only in god, they too worship, and in the worship an image arises automatically. You need not carve an image out of wood or stone: the image is carved out of
your thought, it is part of your imagination. You may not worship a stone image, but the moment you say ’god’ a subtle image arises in you: somebody sitting there on a golden throne, controlling the whole world, a very wise man with a white beard and all that, a father figure. But with”Tao” no figure arises. That is the beauty of the name, that it simply gives you no clue. It gives you no excuse to go into imagination. It gives no help for you to become a worshiper.

That is the greatest name given to the unknown. It is significant because it is meaningless; it means nothing. All that can be put into it is that it means the way – not a way to any goal but just the way things are.

It gives you no idea of future, it has no future orientation; it simply says how things are, how things work. The river flows to the ocean: this is Tao; the tree grows upwards: this is Tao; the child becomes a young man and the young man becomes old and the old man dies: this is Tao, the way things are.

And because there is no desire for any result, it does not mean that results do not happen; they do, they happen a thousandfold more, because whatsoever we give to the world, it comes back, it rebounds. The world is an echoing place: if we throw anger, anger comes back; if we give love,
love comes back. But that is a natural phenomenon, one need not think about it. One can trust: it happens on its own. This is the law of karma: whatsoever you sow, you reap; whatsoever you give, you get. So there is no need to think about it, it is automatic. Hate, and you will be hated. Love, and
you will be loved.

This age is on the brink of boredom, and the reason is that this is the first time in history that man is enjoying many things. In the past, people were kept starved so they were never fed up. They were always desiring and desiring and hoping and hoping. But this century has given you all that is
possible, and once you see all those things, suddenly you feel empty. There is no more to it; what to do? This emptiness is great if man can rise a little upwards.


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