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Tatami Time Machine Blues will be released on 30th September!

The theatrical release date of the animation ” 4 tatami and a half time machine blues ” based on the novel by Tomihiko Morimi has been decided on September 30th. It will be screened for 3 weeks only.

At the same time, it is revealed that a mini corner “I “and Ozu’s movie trailer” will be delivered during the on-air of the animation “Four tatami half mythology” that is being rebroadcast on Fuji TV and others.

In the same corner, “I” and Ozu of “The Tatami Galaxy” will announce “The Tatami Galaxy” and “Inu-Oh” to be released on May 28, and the main video of “The Tatami Galaxy” will be the first. It will be published.

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The first “4 tatami mats and a half time machine blues” will be broadcast on April 28th, and the second will be broadcast on May 5th. The first “Inuou” edition will be aired on May 12th and the second on May 19th.

In addition, the paperback edition of the original novel “Four and a half time machine blues” will be released on June 10. Calligraphy using Yusuke Nakamura’s illustrations has been released. The book also includes a commentary written by Makoto Ueda, who was in charge of the draft.

“The Tatami Galaxy” is Morimi’s novel “The Tatami Galaxy” which was made into a TV animation in 2010, and Makoto Ueda’s drama “Summer Time Machine” which has been staged four times since its premiere in 2001. Based on the collaboration work of “Bruce”. At Disney Plus, all 6 episodes, including limited-edition episodes, will be pre-distributed exclusively.


Source: Anime News Network

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