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Top 15 Must-Read Manhwa’s Similar to Leviathan

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2023)

“Leviathan is an enthralling manhwa that delves into a captivating world where ancient gods clash with modern technology. Filled with intense action, breathtaking artwork, and a compelling storyline, it follows the journey of a gifted young man as he unravels the mysteries surrounding his hidden powers and the mythical creatures that threaten humanity’s existence.

Leviathan weaves together a seamless blend of fantasy, science fiction, and mythology, creating an immersive reading experience that will leave readers eagerly anticipating each new chapter.”

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15. Tower of God

Tower of God

“Tower of God” is a popular Korean webtoon or manhwa created by SIU (Slave in Utero). It follows the story of a young boy named Bam, who enters a mysterious tower in search of his friend Rachel.

The tower is filled with challenges, tests, and powerful beings, and only those who reach the top can have their deepest desires granted. With intricate world-building, complex characters, and intense action, “Tower of God” captivates readers with its thrilling and often unpredictable storyline.

14. The God of High School

The God of High School

“The God of High School” is a popular South Korean webtoon (manhwa) created by Yongje Park. This action-packed series follows the story of Jin Mori, a high school student who participates in a martial arts tournament called the God of High School.

Set in a world where supernatural powers and martial arts coexist, the manhwa combines intense battles, diverse characters, and intriguing plot twists. With its dynamic art style and fast-paced narrative, “The God of High School” has captured the attention of readers worldwide and continues to be a thrilling and entertaining adventure.

13. Noblesse


“Noblesse” is a popular South Korean manhwa, or comic, created by Son Jeho and Lee Kwangsu. It tells the story of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, a noble vampire who wakes up from an 820-year slumber and becomes a high school student in modern society.

As Raizel adapts to his new life, he forms unlikely friendships with humans and supernatural beings, defending them against various threats. Filled with action, humor, and intricate world-building, “Noblesse” explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the clash between supernatural and human worlds.

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12. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

“Solo Leveling” is a popular South Korean manhwa (comic) series written by Chu-Gong and illustrated by Jang Sung-rak. It follows the story of Sung Jin-Woo, an E-rank hunter who gains the ability to see quests and level up like a game character. As he progresses, he becomes an immensely powerful hunter, gradually unraveling the mysteries of the supernatural world and facing formidable enemies.

With its captivating art style and intense action sequences, “Solo Leveling” has gained a massive fanbase worldwide for its thrilling storytelling and compelling protagonist.

11. The Breaker

The Breaker

“The Breaker” is a popular Korean Manhwa (comic) series created by Jeon Geuk-jin and illustrated by Park Jin-hwan. It follows the story of a timid high school student named Shi-Woon Yi, who becomes entangled in the dangerous world of martial arts after meeting a mysterious martial arts teacher named Chun-Woo Han.

Through intense training and life-threatening battles, Shi-Woon’s journey explores themes of self-discovery, inner strength, and the price of power. With its captivating storyline and dynamic action sequences, “The Breaker” has gained a dedicated fan base worldwide.

10. DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything

DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything

“DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything” is a captivating Manhwa (Korean comic) that explores the life of Dongtae, a high school student who discovers a mysterious app called “DICE” that can alter his life dramatically.

By rolling the virtual dice, Dongtae gains new abilities, but also faces unforeseen consequences. This thrilling series delves into themes of power, friendship, and the complexities of human desires, taking readers on an exciting journey filled with twists and turns.

9. Bastard


“Bastard” is a thrilling and suspenseful manhwa created by Carnby Kim and illustrated by Youngchan Hwang. It follows the story of Jin Seon, a high school student who discovers that his father is a notorious serial killer.

As Jin tries to navigate his dark secret and the psychological impact it has on him, he becomes entangled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with his father. “Bastard” delves into themes of morality, fear, and the consequences of one’s actions, providing readers with a gripping and intense narrative that keeps them on the edge of their seats.

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8. Sweet Home

Sweet Home

“Sweet Home” is a gripping and intense Manhwa (Korean comic) that delves into the horror and psychological genre. Set in a world overrun by terrifying monsters, the story follows the struggles of a group of survivors trapped inside an apartment complex.

As they fight to stay alive and maintain their humanity, they confront their deepest fears and inner demons. With its vivid artwork and compelling storyline, “Sweet Home” takes readers on a thrilling and emotional journey through darkness and despair, exploring the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable horrors.

7. Gosu


“Gosu” is an action-packed Manhwa (Korean comic) created by Ryu Ki-Woon and Moon Jung-Hoo. Set in a fictional world influenced by traditional East Asian martial arts, the story follows a young boy named Yongbi, who disguises himself as a mysterious, unbeatable warrior known as “Gosu.”

With exceptional combat skills and a desire for justice, Gosu embarks on a journey filled with intense battles, rivalries, and secrets. Packed with dynamic artwork and thrilling fight sequences, “Gosu” captures the essence of a classic martial arts adventure in a visually stunning and fast-paced manner.

6. Girls of the Wild’s

Girls of the Wild's

“Girls of the Wild’s” is an engaging and popular Korean webtoon, or Manhwa, that revolves around the story of a high school boy named Jaegu Song. Jaegu finds himself in an all-girls school called Wild’s High, known for its intense martial arts program.

Despite the initial challenges and being outnumbered by girls, Jaegu becomes friends with the Wild’s High elite, known as the Wild’s League, and develops a special connection with a talented fighter named Queen. Filled with action, drama, and romance, “Girls of the Wild’s” captivates readers with its intriguing storyline and dynamic characters.

5. Kubera


“Kubera” is a popular South Korean webtoon, also known as a Manhwa. Created by artist Currygom, it is a fantasy-adventure series set in a world where humans, gods, and mythical creatures coexist. The story revolves around a young girl named Kubera Leez, who embarks on a journey to uncover the secrets of her past and the mysterious powers she possesses.

Filled with complex characters, intricate plotlines, and themes of sacrifice, redemption, and the consequences of one’s actions, “Kubera” has captivated readers with its rich storytelling and stunning artwork.

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4. Wind Breaker

Wind Breaker

“Wind Breaker” is an exciting Manhwa (Korean comic) that revolves around the life of a high school student named Jay. Set in the world of street racing, Jay discovers his passion for cycling and becomes determined to excel in this adrenaline-fueled sport. With thrilling races, intense rivalries, and personal growth, “Wind Breaker” takes readers on a fast-paced journey, blending the excitement of racing with the challenges of teenage life.

It’s a gripping and dynamic story that captivates readers with its stunning artwork and compelling characters.

3. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

“Hardcore Leveling Warrior” is a popular manhwa (Korean comic) that revolves around the virtual reality gaming world. It follows the story of a skilled gamer named Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who was once at the top but is unexpectedly reduced to level 1 due to a mysterious incident.

Determined to regain his former glory, he embarks on a thrilling journey filled with intense battles, complex alliances, and personal growth. With its unique blend of action, adventure, and humor, “Hardcore Leveling Warrior” keeps readers hooked as they delve into the captivating world of virtual gaming.

2. The Gamer

The Gamer

“The Gamer” is a popular South Korean manhwa written by Sung Sang-Young and illustrated by Sang-Ah. The story revolves around Han Jee-Han, a high school student who discovers that he possesses the ability to perceive the world as if it were a game. In this game-like reality, Jee-Han can level up, gain skills, and acquire various abilities.

As Jee-Han delves deeper into this extraordinary world, he encounters monsters, dungeons, and other players with similar powers. He navigates through challenges, quests, and battles, honing his skills and becoming stronger. Along the way, Jee-Han discovers a secret organization and uncovers hidden truths about the nature of this game-like reality.

1. Magician


“Magician” is a captivating Manhwa (Korean comic) that blends the elements of fantasy, adventure, and magic into a thrilling story. Written by Kim Sarae, this Manhwa follows the journey of Ray, a talented young magician, as he navigates a world filled with powerful sorcery, political intrigue, and personal growth.

Set in a complex and immersive universe, “Magician” takes readers on a rollercoaster ride through kingdoms, mysterious realms, and dangerous battles. The series explores Ray’s transformation from an ordinary boy with a passion for magic to a formidable magician, uncovering secrets about his origins and the true nature of his abilities along the way.


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