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The 7th Episode of The Down of the Witch and The Demon Girl Next Door Get Postponed by a Week!

This spring many anime and TV shows get delayed by most of the production houses. For example One Piece from Toei Animation due to a hack. Other anime too was postponed for different reasons like Covid-19. 

Well, Two ongoing anime are going to join the list of the delayed episodes which include The Down of the Witch and The Demon Girl Next Door. Their episodes are going to be delayed by a week but the officials didn’t state the problem of the rescheduling. 

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According to their schedule, the episode was set to release on 19th May but now they will come on 26th May. This news is for both the anime series – The Down of the Witch and The Demon Girl Next Door. 

Below you can read the synopsis of the story of The Demon Girl Next Door by Crunchyroll: 

Shamika aims to break her family’s curse and forms an unlikely allegiance with Momo, a rival from the Light Clan. They must work together to find another magical girl who’s gone missing and face a dangerous force lurking somewhere in the city!


Cruncyroll also streaming The Down of the Witch and there is the story introduction: 

I can’t remember. Who am I? What am I? Sybil is a student at a magic academy who has no memories of anything from before he joined the school. Not understanding why he’s there, the time he spends at the academy feels hollow and empty.

And since he doesn’t know how to work hard, his grades are always the lowest in his year. Then, one day, the school headmaster, Albus, orders Sybil to participate in a dangerous special training. “I want you to spread the use of magic in an area where they hold witch hunts.”

It has only been a few years since the war between the church and the witches came to an end—the world has not yet fully accepted witches and their magic. This is the dawn of the age of the witch.

This is the story of how a young man, a boy who is no one special, and his companions, who all hold wounds in their hearts, set out and end up finding themselves.


Source: Crunchyroll

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