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“The Dawn of the Witch” Gets Spin-off “The Dawn of the School!”

The spin-off manga project “The Dawn of the Witch !” The TV anime ” The Dawn of the Witch ” started today April 11th.

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In “The Dawn of the Witch”, the original author, Kakeru Kobashi, and Tatsuwo are in charge of drawing, “The Dawn of the School!” Is a comical depiction of the school life of Saville and Law Christus.

The first episode “The suffering of Mr. Ross” was released on the official Twitter of the anime. The new episode will be released one by one on the official Twitter of the anime every Monday at 18:00 during the anime broadcast period.

“The Dawn of the Witch” is a story about the growth of a fallen boy, Saville, who attends a royal magic school, set in the world a few years after the peace between the church and the witch, which had been in conflict for 500 years, was established. It is broadcast on TBS and BS11. Below you will get the broadcasting information of the anime:

TBS: Every Thursday from 25:58 on Thursday, April 7,
2022 BS11: Every Sunday from 24:00 on Sunday, April 10, 2022

Savill: Shuichiro Umeda
Low Christus: Miho Okasaki
Holt: Sayumi Suzushiro
Kudo: Taku Yashiro Muddy Witch:
Yumiri Hanamori Merchant
: Masaaki Yano
Father: Masaaki Mizunaka
Albus: Yo Taichi
Holdem: Masayuki Kato Riri: Manaka
Iwami Naka


Source: Comic Natalie

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