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The Detective is Already Dead Manga on Break, Resume from March 2022

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2022)

The Detective Is Already Dead Manga (or Tantei was Mō, Shindeiru in Japan) by Nigoju and Umibozu goes on Break. However, it will return soon on March 26 with the manga’s original volumes. 

On 25th December, the Kadokawa Monthly Comic Alive Magazine released the epilogue of the running acr of the series. Along with that epilogue, they are releasing a statement released by the December issue of “Magazine and it says “October release would read climax on 27th November.” 

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The Publishing in charge of the English translation of The Detective is Already Dead Manga is Yen Press and here is a synopsis of the story below: 

​Kimihiko Kimizuka has always been a magnet for trouble and intrigue. For as long as he can remember, he’s been stumbling across murder scenes or receiving mysterious attache cases to transport. When he met Siesta, a brilliant detective fighting a secret war against an organization of pseudo humans, he couldn’t resist the call to become her assistant and join her on an epic journey across the world.

…Until a year ago, that is. Now he’s returned to a life that is normal and tepid by comparison, knowing the adventure must be over. After all, the detective is already dead.

Yen Press

Detective is Already Deadlight novels are quite popular among fans. Because of its popularity, there is an ongoing manga series and also a T.V anime. The anime series is also available in English Dub (only on Funimation). 


Source: Monthly Comic Alive February issue via Anime News Network

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