The Eminence in Shadow S2 to Receive Same-Day Eng Dubbing

HIDIVE made a recent announcement, revealing plans to commence the streaming of the English dub for the second season of Daisuke Aizawa’s “The Eminence in Shadow” light novel series on October 4 at 10:30 a.m. EDT. This exciting news coincides with the season’s premiere date.

The ensemble cast includes notable talents such as Andrew Love, Blake Shepard, Blake Weir, Brianna Roberts, Cameron Bautsch, Cat Thomas, Chris Hutchison, Courtland Johnson, Cyrus Rodas, Elissa Cuellar, Emi Lo, Genevieve Simmons, Heath Morrow, Jack Stansbury, Jay Hickman, Joe Daniels, John Swasey, Joshua Swasey, Jovan Jackson, Kalin Coates, Kyle Colby Jones, Liz Arends, Louis Gallindo, Mark X Laskowski, Patrick Marrero, Scott Gibbs, Shane Fenimore, and Shannon Emerick.

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The English dub direction is helmed by John Swasey, with Kalin Black crafting the script and Brent Marshall overseeing the audio mix, while Patrick Marrero handles the audio engineering. The anime season, consisting of 12 episodes, premieres on October 4 at 10:30 p.m. JST on AT-X before airing on other networks, with HIDIVE offering streaming access.

The Eminence in Shadow S2

Notably, HIDIVE and Kadokawa previously hosted a world premiere screening of the anime at Anime Expo on July 1 this year. The creative team from the first season returns for this second installment, with the studio Nexus at the helm. The renowned music duo OxT is set to perform the opening theme song, “grayscale dominator.”

For context, the inaugural season of the anime debuted in October 2022 and concluded in February. HIDIVE provides a succinct description of the story, highlighting a protagonist named Cid who aspires to be the mastermind behind the scenes, leading the underground Shadow Garden organization against a menacing cult, unbeknownst to him that the cult he concocted actually exists and is none too pleased with his power fantasies interfering with their sinister plans.

The anime adaptation is directed by Kazuya Nakanishi, known for his work as the chief animation director for “Darwin’s Game,” and it is produced by Nexus.

Makoto Iino adapts Tōzai’s original character designs for animation, while Kanichi Katou supervises the series scripts. Kenichiro Suehiro is the musical composer. Yen Press holds the licenses for both the light novels and the manga adaptation.

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Additionally, fans can explore “The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden” game, which debuted on iOS, Android, and PC platforms in November 2022, with Crunchyroll Games releasing the English version.


Source | HIDIVE

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