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The Fascinating Mechanics Behind Amon’s Ability to Strip Bending from its Source in Avatar

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2023)

In the Avatar universe, the power to take away a bender’s ability to control the elements was thought to be solely in the hands of Avatar Aang, who used energybending to strip Firelord Ozai of his firebending. However, the nefarious Amon proved this wrong in The Legend of Korra Book One. Amon presented himself as a non-bender and claimed that the spirits granted him the power to sever a bender’s connection to their bending. He did this by placing his finger on their forehead, forcing them to kneel, and leaving them unable to bend again.

As the story progressed, it was revealed that Amon was, in fact, a Waterbender named Noatak, son of the infamous bloodbending crime boss Yakone. Yakone taught Noatak and his brother Tarrlok waterbending before revealing his true identity and teaching them bloodbending. Noatak even mastered Yakone’s psychic form of bloodbending. Between then and the events of Book One, Noatak became Amon, started the Equalists, and developed the ability to use bloodbending to block someone’s bending indefinitely.

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Amon’s ability was a unique combination of bloodbending and chi blocking. Chi blocking can temporarily inhibit a bender from using their bending by disrupting the flow of chi in their body, and the Equalists had several members who used it against Korra. Amon took this to the next level by applying his understanding of chi blocking to bloodbending, disrupting the chi flowing through a bender’s body to permanently take away their bending.

This technique was so effective that even Katara, one of the best healers and a waterbender who reluctantly learned bloodbending, couldn’t bring back a bender’s bending. Korra, however, was able to learn how to undo what Amon did thanks to her past lives. Aang visited Korra and taught her how to restore bending, making her the only known person who can undo Amon’s unique form of bloodbending.

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Amon’s ability to block someone’s bending seems to die with him since it requires a rare combination of bloodbending and chi blocking. While it’s possible for another Waterbender to learn this technique, they would need to learn both bloodbending and the logic behind chi blocking, making it a challenging and unique skill to master. Amon’s dangerous ability remains one of the most intriguing elements of the Avatar franchise.

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