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The first PV of the Anime “SHINE POST” was Released! Premiere July

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2022)

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The first full promotional video of SHINE POST anime is realized by the creators. Moreover, during the live stream event, they also make announcements about the premier or debut of the show.

“Shine Post” is a media mix idol project by Konami Digital Entertainment and Straight Edge. In the first PV, members who will be the idol unit TINGS met and worked hard to become “absolute idols”.

Also, on May 14th, at Yamano Hall in Tokyo, an event will be held by the cast of TINGS and rival group HY: RAIN.

In the first part, the fastest advanced screening of the first episode of the animation will be held, and in the second part, two sets of live performances against the band will be held. The second part of the life will be delivered live. Details will be announced at a later date.

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In addition, from April 2nd to May 6th, a weekly campaign will be held in which colored paper with HY: RAIN character illustrations and autographs of the cast will be awarded.

The first is Yu Serizawa, who plays the role of Kurokinren, the second is Kurumi Takase, who plays the role of Aoba Karabayashi, the third is Miyu Kubota, who plays the role of Aoba Karabayashi, and the fourth is Tomoyo Takayanagi, who plays the role of Nahana Hikari.

In the 5th bullet, you can apply for the autographed Shikishi of Arisa Kori, who plays the role of Ju Maekawa. If you want it, follow the official Twitter account of the “Shine Post” project and RT the tweets targeted for the campaign.


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